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Help With the Winter Blues

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Winter time is hard on so many people. It seems like the sun doesn’t shine as bright or often. You feel yucky or what my family calls “The Blah’s”. The day seems to drag. It gets dark very early and you feel like your day is done once the sun sets.

It’s hard getting out of that funk you’re in. You get up in the morning and its dark outside but yet you say to yourself: Today is going to be a good day. Before you know it, you are right back where you started, with “The Blah’s”.

I get “The Blah’s” too during the winter. It’s hard to feel better when it’s so yucky outside. These suggestions are things I have tried and do to fight that winter battle.

I do not have a cure for the winter blues but I do have some ideas that have help me.

Let natural light into your home. It may be below zero outside but the sun is shining. Let the sunshine in. It warms up the house and it can make you feel better. Even if the sun is not out, open up the blinds anyway. Natural light does wonders for the mind and soul.

Exercise: Daily exercise will make you feel better. Even if it’s a walk around the block. Too yucky or cold to go to the gym. Exercise at home. Use your stairs as a stair master, Dance to some music for 20 minutes, use a gallon of water for weights. Use your imagination to get some exercise for the day. Even if it’s for 10 minutes.

Set a to-do list: Write down some things you have been putting off. Such as: Need to clean the refrigerator, need to sort photos, read all magazines in the house, or finish that sewing project.

Not sure where to start? Use your imagination. Start a bucket list and promise yourself you will complete # 4 by the end of the month. You get the idea, just set a goal and try to get it accomplished. That always makes me feel better and it motivates me to do more.

Fresh air: I know its cold outside. Bundle up, take some coffee/hot cocoa with you and take a walk. You don’t have to walk far or for very long. Walk to the end of your street or take a few laps around the house. Take your phone or camera with you on your walk. Takes some pictures of a dog playing in the snow, or the sunrise/sunset.

Clean out your car. If you are like me, I have empty water bottles, a scarf, and an empty tissue box in the back seat. It should only take you 10 minutes or so, but you will be outside and maybe you can get something off your to-do list done.

Volunteer: Giving your time is always a good thing. It’s great for your mind, body and soul. Best part is, you are giving back.

Go to your local soup kitchen, homeless shelter or your local humane society, see if they could use some help one or two days a week.

Check in on your elderly neighbors, see if they need anything. Sometimes it’s hard for them to get out in the cold or snow. Maybe they don’t have any relatives to help. Maybe they just want someone to talk to. Take some hot tea with you and visit. You will be amazed at the stories the elderly will share.

Since you are out already shoveling your own walk/drive way, take a few extra minutes and shovel the snow off someone’s walk or drive way.

Take a sick friend some food. If they have been out of work for a couple of days, I’m sure they would love the company and really enjoy a meal they didn’t have to fix.

It feels good to help others in need. For me, it feeds my soul. I feel great every time I do any of these things.

Listen to music: Music is fantastic for your well-being. Listen to music on your walk or exercising. Bring out the old CD’s or that playlist you made from the music you listened to in high school and just have fun. How about that new group you like but have only heard one song. Download the CD and let it play all the way through. Music can give you a little energy to get up singing and dancing along. It could motivate you to get something off your ‘to-do’ list.

Get organized: Since you are already stuck at home, why not get a room organized. You could get that junk drawer cleaned out and throw away some junk you don’t need.

Go through all your closets and dressers and get out all the summer clothes you didn’t wear last summer. Take them to your local charity or Good Will. Sell them on-line. Put them in a tote/bin/bag and plan a garage sale when the weather is nice.

Take one drawer/closet/room at a time and before you know it. The house is organized.

Buy fresh plants/flowers: Bringing in flowers that have bright colors are beautiful to look at and the aroma is even better. Reminds you of spring time or summer.

Getting a plant is also good. Having some greenery the house is a breath of fresh air. Taking care of something is always good. You get to watch it grow and greenery reminds us of summer.

Clean eating/plenty of rest: I try not to eat so much junk food in the winter. It’s so easy to grab a bag of chips and just munch away. Since its cold outside you are less likely to burn off those extra calories. Try to make better choices. Stay away from foods that make you feel yucky. Eat your fruits and veggies. It will make you feel better.

Getting plenty of rest will help you feel more energized in the morning and throughout the day.

Try something new: This one can be tough. You already feel bad and you really don’t want to do anything anyway. I suggest you at least give it a try. You could take a class. How about a dance class, a cooking class, yoga, learn to play musical instrument, teach yourself how to sew.

Take a look at your bucket list and see if this is something you can check off the list.

Trying something new can take you out of your element and be scary. You may meet your spouse, develop a new friendship, you might learn a new skill/trade/craft.

You have nothing to lose except the winter blues by giving it a try.

I hope these suggestions work out for you. Leave a comment if you try any of the suggestions. Let me know how they worked out for you.


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