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Write Down Your Goals

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Write Down Your Goals


In the last post we talked about getting motivated. I would like to dig a little deeper into the first suggestion, writing down your goals.

Putting your goals on paper is a great way to make then tangible; it’s something you can look at and hold in your hand. It makes them real.

Writing down your goals can make you feel accountable for your actions. If you write it down you feel like you have set things in stone and now you are responsible for that goal.

Let’s start with a very simple way to get into this routine of writing things down.

I suggest that when you wake up or before you go to bed, take 5 minutes and write down 3 things you want to get done for that day. Your list should be simple, achievable things you know you can do but still be a small challenge for you.

An example would be: do one full load of laundry (wash/dry/put away), make the kids lunches the night before, 20 minutes of working out, smoke one less cigarette for the day, and 10 minutes of quiet time (just for yourself).

I suggest you put this on your smart phone and set it as an alarm to go off every 4-6 hours. This will remind you of your list and may motivate you to get one of the chores off the list or just to get your phone to stop yelling at you.

If you don’t have a smart phone or you are just old school, like I am, write it down and put a copy on the refrigerator, in your purse/wallet, a post-it on your TV, in your car. Put your list everywhere you can see it. Keeping the list visible is a reminder, it may drive you crazy always seeing a post-it note, but think about how nice it will feel when you get to remove the list.

I promise after a couple of weeks you won’t have so many post-it notes everywhere and your phone won’t ring all the time.

Once you start with the small stuff and that may turn into a routine for you. You will be very proud of yourself for getting so much accomplished, it will motivate you to do more. It’s the small things that keep us going.

Start small and simple and before you know it you will be diving into those big projects.

Don’t forget to have a little fun with this. Let’s say every Friday you want to have one of the three things be something fun. As an example: go bowling, have family fun night, or go dancing. This can be your reward to yourself for accomplishing so much during the week.

Relax. Don’t pressure yourself. If you don’t get something marked off the list, just move it to the next day’s list. No big deal. Life gets in the way and we just have to make room for it. Be flexible, relax and have fun.

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