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Don’t Forget to Reward Yourself


Rewarding ourselves is a key way to stay motivated. We all like rewards. They make us happy and motivate us to do more.

I enjoy the reward method. It really helps me to stay on track especially when my reward is something I really want or need.

Just like rewarding our kids when they finish their chores or do something extra kind for someone, we have to match the reward with the chore/task. If the goal you have set for yourself is something small, like making your bed every day, your reward should be something that matches your effects. A small reward for us girls could be buying you favorite chocolates, one hour of ‘me’ time, have coffee with a friend or maybe that nice fingernail polish you’ve had your eye on. For the guys, your small reward could be a new car magazine, go fishing for an hour, or get that new tool you’ve wanted.

If your goal is large, then the reward should be as well. If you have been working on weight loss and you met your goal weight, your reward should be fitting to such hard work and dedication. Maybe a new wardrobe is called for, or a nice weekend get-away, it could be a closet make-over for all the new clothes. Big goal equals big reward.

Here’s a list of reward ideas:

Gourmet coffee New work outfit Make-up, nail polish
Go to a park, take a walk Girls/guys night out Favorite sweet treat
Weekend get-away Manicure/pedicure Have a picnic
Go see a movie New hand/power tool A new gym bag
Visit with friends or family Professional shave for you men A quiet night at home to read a book or just play with the kids
Spend time doing a hobby Give yourself money for the small goal and save up for the bigger goal A new cook book to help you maintain the weight loss
A new CD Perfume/cologne Fresh flowers


Matching the reward to the task helps us stay focused till the end because we know there is something in it for us and not just the joy of completing the goal. It’s a bonus package you have set in place.

Yes, completing the goal is the main reward and it does feel fantastic when that goal is met. Having a reward for yourself helps us stay motivated and keeps us on track because we are looking forward to the reward and just not the end of the goal.

Try rewarding yourself for the small things and see if that helps you stay motivated for the next goal. Let me know how this works out for you. I would love to have your feedback.


2 thoughts on “Don’t Forget to Reward Yourself

  1. Shelly, this is my fave so far! This could have been out of a Family Circle Magazine or something like it. Keep all your blogs…you may have to make a book out of them. It’s so good to read something down-to-earth that is NOT boring & makes me feel inspired. You have so many gifts…finding out more about this all the time! ❤ Love you, Shirley


    • Shirley, Thank you so much for the compliments. You inspire me to try and do more. Your words confirm that I am doing something right. Thank you. I have written a book about family reunions, if you want to check it out you can go to the link at the top of the page and click on ‘Books”. I am working on another book now and should be out within a week or two. Keep checking back. Again, Thanks so much for saying some very nice things.


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