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Be Prepared

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Be Prepared

You are in the mood for a good old fashion fried egg sandwich for dinner. (I know, breakfast for dinner? Gross!!! Try it sometime, it’s great). You’ve been thinking about it all day. Thinking about how good it will taste. You get home after a yucky day at work, you kick off your shoes and change into the sweatpants.

You go to the kitchen, you put the skillet on the stove, put 2 slices of bread in the toaster and go to the fridge to get the eggs and butter. You got the butter but wait…..You don’t see any eggs. You move things around in the fridge hoping to find just one egg. There’s nothing, no egg. UGH!!!!! So frustrating. The only thing you’ve been thinking about all day is that egg sandwich. That egg sandwich was going to be your reward for making it through such a yucky day. Now you won’t have the pleasure of tasting what you’ve been consumed with all day. There’s no reward.

Not being rewarded for your hard work can be very disappointing, frustrating, aggravating and can make you mad.

Being prepared for a goal works the same way. You have to be prepared for your task so you can achieve what you have set out to do. Then you can be rewarded for your actions.

Getting prepared is a great way to utilize the ‘list’ method we talked about in an earlier post.

Making a list will help you to remember to get the tools you need so you can gather the things you need to get your goal achieved.

As an example: If you are wanting to organize your ‘junk’ drawer, you will need a few things before you get started. Such as a drawer divider(s) to help you separate your items. You may need a pen and paper to write down things that have expired or no longer work (pens, super glue, scissors, old rubber bands, etc.) to replenish what is expired or broke. You will need a trash can nearby as well, to dispose of anything that doesn’t work. You may want to get a new drawer liner as well.

In just a few minutes your task is done because you were prepared. It went faster than expected and was so easy. All because you were prepared.

Whatever your task/goal may be, being prepared to get the job done will make things smoother for you and remove some of the anxiety. You will get the job done faster and save so much energy by not having to run around finding everything you need.

Being prepared is one of the best things you can do for yourself. You will be able to get more things accomplish in a timely manner, you will feel a little more relaxed about the task, and you can get to your reward so much faster and feel good about your accomplishment which is always a great motivator.

I know if you practice being prepared, your world will be a little smoother. It’s the simple things that can be motivating and just make us a little happier.

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