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Valentine’s Day for Singles

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Valentine’s Day is just a few days away and since it falls on a Saturday, it will be celebrated for the whole weekend. I have been single for a long time and I know it’s hard sometimes to not have someone in your life to share those special days with. I have a few ideas that can help you celebrate yourself and some other special people in your life.

Celebrate you: Indulge yourself. Order flowers online and write a love note to yourself or something that you like about yourself. Have the flowers delivered at work and when everyone asks you who they are from, you simply reply “from someone that loves me”. Do something nice just for you.
Throw a Party: Invite all your single friends, have them bring their favorite dish to eat and celebrate how wonderful it is to be single.
Movie Night: Gather your single girl/guy friends and go see a movie. Make sure not to watch a romantic movie. Go see a thriller or comedy.  Have some fun, get the big bucket of popcorn and some Goobers (not your friends) and have a blast.
Best Aunt/Uncle ever:  Volunteer your baby-sitting skills and take your nieces and nephews out to an indoor playground, let them eat junk food and play games. The kids will think you are the best Aunt/Uncle ever and their parents will love you for being so brave.
Be silly: Go to the store and buy some of the children valentine cards. You know the kind that have cartoons on them and come in a box. Buy some candy and pass them out at work. Everyone will enjoy the memory of childhood and you will have fun putting smiles on their faces.

Buy a bag of Hershey Kisses and pass one out to everyone you see (strangers included). Say:  Here’s a kiss for you, Happy Valentine’s Day.
Weekend Vacation: Run away for the weekend. Go someplace that will cater to you. Someplace that has a spa, and great room service with a wonderful view.
Express Your Love: Write a love letter to your mom and dad or to your grandparents. They would be thrilled to receive such a gift. Tell them thanks for being there. They are the reason you know what unconditional love is. You can do this for anyone that is special in your life.
Be Adventures: Try something new. Do something off your ‘Bucket List”. Go skydiving, bungee jumping. Dial it down a little bit, and take a dance class or cooking class.
Any of the ideas are great for guys or girls. The idea is to think outside the box a little bit. Do something that makes you happy or that will make someone else happy.

I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day celebrating “YOU”.  You deserve it.






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