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because sometimes, you just have to.


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Sorry I am late for my post. It’s been one of those days.


Accountability is the willingness to accept responsibility for one’s actions, according to the dictionary.

What this means for us is, we have to answer for our actions when we are reaching for that goal. WOW!!! That’s some tough love we have to give to ourselves. That’s great motivation in its self.

Here’s a couple of ideas how to hold yourself accountable.

First, I suggest a weekly check list for yourself. If you stick to the check list you are taking responsibility for what you want to get accomplish for the week. This can help you stay focused and motivated.

Second, tell everyone you know what you are wanting to get accomplished. They will hold you accountable for your actions and you will give you the drive you need to get things done. Your friends are waiting on a progress report and you don’t want to let them down.

Third, ask a friend/colleague to help you. You will have to let them in on your goal, timelines and what you are wanting to get accomplished. Ask them if you can check in with them daily, weekly, or monthly to let them know what you have been doing to reach that goal. Their input will help you stay on track because you don’t want to provide a bad progress report.

I know these ideas seem to be simple, but they are not. Because you are asking of yourself and others to be completely honest. That’s hard to do. We like to sugar coat what we are doing and tell ourselves we’re doing great. We all do it…lie to ourselves. Having to check in with someone, they give you a different outlook and may think you should be challenging yourself more.

I know you can do these things. It’s not too hard. You have to be honest with yourself and trust your friend/colleague to be honest with you. It’s all pretty simple.

Be accountable for your own actions. This will help you stay focused, get the job done more efficiently and be honest with your actions. All these things are great motivators.

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