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End Results

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End Results

For the past couple of weeks we have been talking about different ways to stay motivated. Staying motivated, that’s a chore in itself.

We all struggle with staying on track or lack of motivation. It’s normal to want to throw in the towel. It can feel like all your hard work is not paying off. I know these feeling too.

The one thing that really keeps me motivated is what I am working so hard for. My end result. This is my daily reminder and it keeps me going.

I have a couple of tips that may help remind you why you are working so hard.

First, write down your goal and what you want to accomplish. By writing it down it makes it more real. It’s also the reminder of what you want. Sometimes with all the other things we are doing we forget why we are working so hard.

Write down what you expect to happen, how you think you will feel when your goal is accomplished and what it will look like when you are finished.

Make many copies of this and put them everywhere. Use the notes to remind yourself daily why you are working so hard. It will help you stay focused and motivated.

Here are a few suggestions to place your reminder notes.

Home office desk Bathroom mirror
Night stand The fridge
Wallet Work desk
Car Set it as your screen saver
Set an alarm on your phone Put it on your calendar
Place it where you do the project Send the list to your own e-mail


Second, don’t give up! You owe it to yourself to keep trying. Try not to get discouraged when things are not going right. This is only a test of your strength and determination. You ARE strong enough to finish.

Don’t quit on yourself, I’m sure you have many people cheering you on. Use those cheers to drive you to continue. You owe it to yourself. You didn’t start the project to quit halfway through, did you?

Find a mantra that works for you and repeat it as many times as you need.

Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming I can do anything I set my mind to
I got this I will be better, if……
Make your momma proud Money, money, money
I want this, I need this, I deserve this Don’t underestimate yourself


My daily and sometimes hourly mantra is: My curses are my blessings. It reminds me that even when things go wrong, there is ALWAYS something good that comes out of it.

Keep your eye on the prize, use the tools you already have, write down what you are expecting as a reminder and I know you will accomplish your goal.

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