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Being Grateful

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Being Gratefulgrateful

Being grateful is a matter of perspective. Gratefulness is how we perceive our lives and what we are thankful for. Gratefulness is about the big and very small things that bring us joy and happiness.

We live in a fast paced, instant gratification, isn’t that your job, kind of world. We forget that others have pain and suffering and it’s all about me type of mindset. I too, have fallen into this type of thinking.

I have to say it’s pretty easy to do. By changing my perspective, gave me the opportunity to become a more grateful person.

You too can become a more grateful person. It will change the way you see things and you will be more thankful for even the smallest things. Having a grateful outlook can bring you blessings you have been missing out on and can bring you peace of mind. It can also make you a happier person because you are able to be grateful for the little things.

Here are a few ways to help you to become a grateful person.

STOP: Stop, for just a minute out of your day and think about what you missed. Think about your day and look for things that could have been a happy moment for you. Did you miss the, thank you and smile that the cashier gave you? Did you not see the beautiful sunrise? Did you not notice the light breeze in the air that felt so refreshing? Did you miss that moment when your child just wanted a hug? Did you miss the kindness someone showed you by letting you cut in line?

By taking a minute out of your day will help you see what you missed and will help you practice looking for the things that put a smile on your face. How can having a smile on your face be a bad thing?

Stop thinking everything has to happen today. Stop expecting for the instant fixes. Stop thinking you are owed something. By stopping these expectations, we allow ourselves to see the happiness.

JOURNAL: Writing down what you are grateful for is a way to help you see the things that brought a smile to your face. Writing it down will help you practice seeing things in a new perspective. My favorite part to keeping a journal is, I get to go back and read what made me grateful and that motivates me to always look for the little things.

PATIENCE: Patience allows others to help you and that brings gratefulness to you because of the time and energy the other person invested to help and resolve the issue.

Patience also gives you the opportunity to slow down and see the joy in whatever you are doing. Take that extra 5 minutes with your kids. They will think you are the best parent ever and it allows you to see the happiness in their little faces, which in return you are so grateful for.

Stuck in traffic? Waiting at the doctor’s office? Be patient, the traffic will move and your turn is coming at the doctors. While you are waiting in traffic, listen to some music in the car, roll down your window and allow the sunshine in. At the doctors, take out your smart phone and scroll through your pictures, be thankful you are not at the doctors for anything serious.

Being patient can be hard. By using your time wisely, while waiting, can help you find the gratitude you are looking for.

LITTLE THINGS: It’s the little things that can bring us the most joy. It’s easy to miss or overlook the small things too. By using the three techniques above can help you see the little things.

Seriously, stop and smell the roses. Look at your surroundings, you can always be grateful for the little things.

While you enjoy your coffee walking to work. Be grateful it’s not raining and you didn’t have to wait in line long for your coffee.

Enjoy every hug you give/receive. Some people have a hard time giving/receiving hugs. Be grateful for the ones you get/give. They can mean so much to you and to others.

Setting and listening to the leaves blow on the trees, or the waves of the ocean. These are small things but be grateful you are outside and you are capable of hearing.

Look up. Look at the sky and enjoy the clouds and the colors of God’s canvas or all the stars in the sky. Find joy in the little things.

Enjoy your children. They will not stay little forever. Stop and listen to them laugh and watch them smile.

Spend time with your parents. Be grateful you still have them and by spending time with them shows you love them and appreciate them.

Take a look at your possessions. Be grateful for what you have.

Watch the snow fall. Be grateful that you are someplace warm.

The key to being a grateful person is not taking things for granted. No one ever said to us we were entitled to all we have and where we live. We were taught to work hard to get what we want in life.


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