Mother of Necessity

because sometimes, you just have to.



I am going to be selfish on this post. I wanted to write down the small things that put a smile on my face or bring me joy.simple flower

Getting a greeting card in the mail. I enjoy knowing someone took the time to pick out the ‘right’ card, bought a stamp and mailed it. That means so much, just because I know someone took the time to think of me.

Listening to music. Taking the time to really enjoy the music I love, helps me de-stress. I listen to 70’s rock when I want to pick myself up from a bad day or if I know singing will help me. When I am thinking about my family or missing a family member, I listen to their music. Music my aunts and uncles sang that they captured on cassettes from 30 years ago. Listening to them brings tears but also a peace that warms my heart because I am so lucky to have their music and I can still hear their voices.

Making dinner for my family. I enjoy cooking. I don’t get to cook as much as I used to since it’s just me that I am cooking for. When I do, I have a stupid grin on my face. I enjoy thinking about the dish I am going to make, taking my time to make the dish as good as possible, and watching them smile as they eat. I enjoy making my family happy.

Looking through pictures. I really love going through my family pictures. I have lost so many of my loved ones and miss them horribly, but seeing their smiling faces in pictures brings back all my childhood memories and the times I shared with each one of them, just makes me feel loved and makes me happy.

Setting outside. Weather I am setting on my patio or at the park. I enjoy my surroundings of the trees, the pond, feeling a breeze against my face, watching folks fish, or watching a ballgame. I also enjoy listening to the sounds that the outdoors offer, such as, the birds, the water rippling on the pond, the crack of a baseball bat hitting a ball, the leaves blowing in the breeze even the sound of a lawn mower. The smells of being outside, especially in the summer is my favorite. I love the smell of fresh cut grass, the smell of a summer rain shower, the smells of a cook out and the blooming flowers. I love watching the sun set and viewing the changing colors of the sky. I really do enjoy the simple things.

Being creative. I am not a ‘crafty’ person but I try. I like creating new meals, writing my blogs and books, fixing something that is broke, making something (craft project), decorating and I enjoy singing too. I’m not good at any of these things but I enjoy trying.

Being organized. I am a control freak and being organized helps me feel I am in control. I enjoy making lists to get things done. It can be a simple grocery list for the week or goals that I am working on. I don’t go anywhere without pen and paper. I enjoy knowing where everything is in my house and everything has its own home. Organization helps me be more efficient and allows me to do more and I really enjoy it.

The above list are items that I enjoy. Please feel free to use my list as reminders, to always look for the simple things to bring you joy.


  1. i have heard you sing— you are a very good singer. if i had your address i would send you a card. (maybe i will send it to your parents house ). loved today’s blog. keep up the good work. love and miss you.


  2. this was a sweet one! I needed to be reminded to enjoy those little things!!


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