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Handling a Bad Situation

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ROck uphill
Have you ever found yourself in a situation that you didn’t think you could get out of? I know I have, more than I can count.
What I consider a bad situation are things like: Car breaking down, Having to decide to go to a relatives funeral or work, your child does something you have to correct, having to come up with money that you don’t have, timelines pushed up to get things done (and you are not ready), anything large ($$$$) breaks or any situation that comes up quickly that needs to be resolved right away.
My cousin tells me I carry a proverbial fire extinguisher around all the time so I can put out the fires that seem to pop up. It’s not that I go looking for the hardships, they just happen and the good part is, I am usually able to put out the fire.
I have to say, that after the fire is put out and I have re-cooped from the excitement, I always walk away learning something new. In all honesty, I wish I didn’t have to learn that way, but here I am and I am grateful for every learning opportunity. Maybe not while it’s going on but later.
Because of the bad situations I have encounter, I figured you may have the same problem sometime. I would like to share a few things I do to get through the bad situations. In my experience, with these steps you can have a plan and acting on that plan within a few hours if not sooner.
GET MAD: You are allowed to be mad about the bad situation. Take some time and just be mad. Yell, sulk or cry,(don’t hurt anyone) allow yourself the time to go through this emotion. I suggest up to an hour. I allow myself time to be mad because I don’t want that emotion coming back up later while I am fixing the issue. If I get mad in the middle of everything then I become unproductive and my thoughts are not clear and I can’t resolve the problem. So get mad and then you can figure out your options.
FIGURE OUT YOU OPTIONS: Generally you will have 2-3 options to resolve whatever the bad situation is. Take your time and sort out these options.
Write the options down and talk them over with a friend or family member. Asking them for some insight will help you see all sides and will help you choose the best option.
Once you figure out what option is best for you, it’s time to make an action plan so you can resolve the situation.
ACTION PLAN: The option you chose has to have some sort of plan so you can follow through to fix the issue. Make a list of things you need to do, such as, who to call and their phone numbers, people you will have to meet, the money you may need, the time to set aside to work on the list. If the situation was caused by your kid/teenager, make sure to add them to the to-do list, so you can have that ‘conversation’ with your child, after the fact and you are no longer mad.
FOLLOW THROUGH: Now it’s time to put that action plan into play. Just dig your heals in and go hard after it. This is not the time to be wimpy or second guess yourself. You don’t want to drag it out any more than it has.
Keep in mind, whatever your bad situation is, it probably won’t be resolved in a day. Be calm and don’t let that anger come back to bite you. Be patient, follow your plan and it will work out.
If you have read my book “Making Decisions” then you already know this line. In my family we have a saying…..I can do this, it may not be pretty, but it will be done.
Before you know it….that bad situation is in the past.
AND FINALLY: After so much work, energy and time, problem resolved. YAY!!!! Great job!!!! Now it’s time to take a breath and relax for a minute.
Do me a favor, please. This is something I do every time I have a fire to put out. Take a minute and reflect. Check to see if there was anything you could have done better or differently. Ask yourself this question: Did I learn anything?
There is always a learning opportunity for all of us, especially when we are in any type of crisis. Take your learning experience and share with others. That’s what we are here for….to help.
I really hope you don’t have to use this method anytime soon. But if you do, please know that you are not alone in your struggle.

Please let me know how this helped you. I would love to hear your input. Thanks


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