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Making Lists



Now this is a topic I love. My family thinks I am just a little crazy because of all the lists I make/keep and they say I am addicted to being organized. Well, they’re probably right. I do love my lists and I do get a little goofy grin on my face when I am organizing my stuff or someone else’s things.

I make a list for almost everything. When I go grocery shopping, I have a list. When I have errands to run, I have a list. If I travel, I have a list and carry a pen/paper with me. I even have a list for everyday chores I need to get done.

I really enjoy checking things off my to-do lists. I feel like I am accomplishing my goal and it drives me to keep going. Lists are great reminders for me too. I can get side tracked easily and the lists helps me stay focused.

Here are a few examples where making a list will help.Check List

PRIORITIZE: Prioritizing is a great method of list making you can use to be assured that the most important things will get done first. It allows you to give your full attention and energy.

I suggest that with this type of list, you write down the items that have the highest priority first to the least important to the end. This way you can go straight down the list without having to shuffle things around. Do the items at the top and work your way down.

This type of list can be used for almost anything: business chores, household chores, kids’ activities, weekend chores, vacations, and husband’s to-do. A prioritizing list can be used for the day/week/month and yearly list that you want to accomplish.

I like this type of list because it allows me to see what is important, it helps me stay focused, and the list helps me save time and sometimes money.

GROCERY: I never leave home without my grocery list. This list is simple and most people already use this method for shopping.

The reason I love a grocery/shopping list is, it saves me money. I make my list at home by going through my cabinets, freezer, fridge and each room. This way I know I am making a list of things I need. I only buy what’s on the list. If the item is not on the list I don’t buy it. I can add it to the next time I go shopping if I really need it.

To help with saving money, I sometimes make up a menu for the week and only buy the items for the menu. Great way to save some money and by knowing what your meals are for the week, it takes out the stress of cooking for the week because you already know what you are having.

CHORES: When we think of chores, we think of children. That’s not the case here, even though a chore list works for the kids too. But let’s talk about big kid chores. The things we have to get done, whether it be going to the store, cleaning, organizing, toting the kids from activity to activity or just the simple errands we do every day.

Making a chore list is a great way to remind us of the things we need to get done for the day or week. It can save us time, energy and money because we are not back tracking or adding to the next day of chores that have to be done.

I know you are thinking I don’t need a chore list. I do the same thing every day and I don’t need a list to tell me what is next. You may be right, but what about that one day where everything is turned upside down for some reason? Or, if like me, my memory is shot for the day? Do you have a back-up plan to help yourself out? Just giving you something to think about.

IDEAS: Making a list of your brilliant and not so brilliant ideas is good too. How do you think I come up with these posts? I may not be the brightest crayon in the box, but at least I’m in the box. We all have ideas of things we want for our future or ideas about decorating the house, or ideas of the next best thing. I too have a list, mine is a list of ideas I want to explore or write about.

We may not achieve everything off the list but it’s great to have dreams and just go for it. I really like this list. I can go back to it every day to remember an idea I want to make a post out of or to add to my lists of ideas.

Remember, there are no bad ideas and anything is possible.

Making a list takes less than 5 minutes of your time. In my opinion there’s no reason not to have a list of some sort. It’s one of the simplest ways to help yourself. A list can save you time, energy, money and maybe make you some money too.

Start making your lists today. Let me know how making a list has helped you.

2 thoughts on “Making Lists

  1. I use to make lists but I keep forgetting where I put my pencil and paper. I tried putting a ribbon on my finger and look at it and forget why it was there. Your ideas work great when you are not so old. Maybe I should try to make lists again. They say what you don’t use you will lose it.
    Keep up the good work I look forward to your posts.


    • Thanks for reading the posts. I do love hearing from my readers. If you are wanting to make your lists but keep forgetting where they are, maybe a note pad that has a magnet on the back to keep on the fridge, or a bright colored pad, better yet, keep your notes on your computer and print them off only when you need to. If they are kept on the computer you can’t lose them. It’s kind of hard to misplace your computer. I hope these ideas have helped. Keep coming back.


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