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Unique Easter Basket Ideas



Are you tired of the same old routine of a traditional Easter basket? Tired of giving your kids candy and you eat all the left overs? Who started this tradition of giving our kids candy and putting it all in a basket that will never be used again…..such a waste of money.

Easter is March 5th, just around the corner and I know you are thinking about what you are going to do for the kids and what’s for dinner and how many are coming. Let me try and take some of the stress for this holiday.

Let’s try some new ideas for Easter baskets.

Movie basket: Get a small storage container (tote) put a little of that fake grass in the bottom and fill it with movie candy, popcorn, their favorite drink and a few movies your kid (you) will watch.

Beach basket: Get a sand/beach bucket, fill it with a beach towel, water bottle (with their name on it), some beach toys, like a small shovel, a blow up beach ball and a card that tells them you will take them to the beach on whatever day. Make sure you keep your promise.

Reader’s basket: For your little reader, an E-reader or buy a few books they will love, a blanket, a book light and put them in a back-pack to carry around.

Music basket: If you have a singer or musician in the family, how about some new sheet music to practice, an i-pod, accessories for the instrument, 3 weeks of singing/playing lessons, tickets to a concert and put everything in a new instrument case or a new personalized bag to carry sheet music.

Faith/religion basket: Sticking with the real reason for Easter, how about a new bible, a piece of jewelry with a cross on it, take them to church, a Christian movie, new clothes to wear to church, have them start attending the youth group in church.

Art basket: Have a little artist in the family? How about some new supplies, colored pencils, chalk, paper, water colors, brushes and put everything in an artist case. Maybe set up a small table in their room that is only for their art.

Sports basket: Get them a new gym bag or sport bag, Get them new equipment, a new baseball glove, socks, shoes, balls, maybe tickets to their favorite sports team for a game.

The idea for the baskets above are to stop thinking about candy and let’s get practical with the things we give our kids.

Find your child’s interest. Your kid can be 1 year old to 16 years old and they all have an interest in something. Cater to that interest, show your support and show them that you love how unique they are.

Use an insulated lunch box, small plastic storage container, personalized bag, or one of those storage cubes instead of a traditional basket. You won’t be wasting your money on a basket that will never be used again.


Helpful tip: If you and your kids have colored eggs for Easter, instead of throwing them away, why not make deviled eggs out of them and serve for dinner. Since the eggs are hard boiled why not put them in a salad, or pack them in their lunches.


Dinner suggestions: Instead of the traditional Ham, try something new. Maybe a ham steak, especially if you are having a few people for dinner. Maybe spaghetti, who said you had to be traditional? How about pork chops, a beef roast, or lasagna? The point for Easter dinner is to gather around the table and break bread with your loved ones. You don’t have to have the traditional Easter dinner. Just like the baskets, use your imagination and do something different. It will be fun for everyone.

2 thoughts on “Unique Easter Basket Ideas

  1. Wow! Why didn’t I think of those ideas? They are fantastic! You are doing great “Mother Of Necessity.” Keep up the good work.


    • Thanks so much for the compliment. I wish I would have had these ideas too when my kid was younger. It would have made Easter baskets so much more fun to buy for. I’m glad you enjoyed the post and thanks again for the kind words.


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