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One Person I’m Glad I Met


Grandma and Me

I am grateful for the many people I have met or known over the years. I have had and still have so many people that influence my life,  it’s difficult for me to pick just one person, but one person stands out for me today, is my Grandma, my mom’s mom.

Grandma had 15 kids, one of those kids is my mom. The wife of a Baptist preacher till he passed in 1963. (I never met Grandpa). She never remarried. Grandma passed away 23 years ago and I still miss her. I think of her every day.

Grandma was and still is a great influence on my life. She was a soft spoken, kind hearted, loving woman. I never heard her complain or raise her voice, even when she was upset. Now she probably did yell at one or two of her 15 kids at some point, but I never heard it. I do know that after Grandpa passed those sons (8 sons) of hers didn’t get away with too much. Just like any mom, she always knew when the kids were into some sort of mischief.

Grandma was a great example for all of us grandkids. She went to church every Sunday. I never heard her say a bad word about anyone. When we would visit she would have her Bible in her lap or next to her.

I remember sitting beside her in church and she would give me a butterscotch and hold my hand while the pastor (her son, my uncle) would preach the sermon.

The love she showed towards her grandkids and great grandkids was amazing. She made all of us feel special. She showed attention to us. She had a gift in showing her love to others.

Grandma is part of the reason for the title of my blog. My grandparents were poor. You can imagine, having 15 kids and Grandpa was a preacher. Everything she did was out of necessity. Grandma taught all of her kids this trait, especially her daughters.

There were 7 daughters including my mom. Grandma taught them how to ‘make do’. Without her teaching her daughters I would have never learned this trait. My mom taught her 2 daughters and my aunts taught there kids too. I honestly believe if it weren’t for Grandma and her teachings, us grandkids would be worse off.

She taught the meaning true sacrifice and to sacrifice with a smile and a grateful heart. What a great lesson for all of us to learn. I have heard many stories about her going without eating for days just to feed her kids. Hand washing all the kids’ clothes because they couldn’t afford a washer. She went without, just to give to her kids and husband. That’s real, unconditional love.

There are so many lives my Grandma had touched. I think I can honestly say, there isn’t one person that had met her, that would say, she did not influence them in one way or another.

Thanks Grandma for loving me and making me feel special. Thank you for teaching your daughters how to be great moms. Thank you mom for teaching me.

I hope I am living up to the standards that you have set before me.

** The picture above is my grandma and me.

3 thoughts on “One Person I’m Glad I Met

  1. What a perfect tribute to an amazing woman, Shelly! So proud to call her Grandma!


  2. Thank you for this post. As I read this I could see my own mother. She was so much like the woman you described. I have lost my mom a long time ago but I still miss her so much. Thanks for this post, you are doing a great job. Keep them coming.


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