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50 ‘WOW’ Moments Of My Life



I was asked about moments in my life that made me say “WOW”. That got me thinking. When I first started writing them down I came up with 7 things. That can’t be right. I know I am boring and uninteresting, but still, 7 events, really???

So, I slept on it and began again. This time starting from the beginning and thinking about things I have learned, been through, touched my heart and have seen.

Some things are not that exciting but when you are living in that moment, it can have that “WOW” factor.

  1. Learning to ride a bike
  2. Learning to skateboard
  3. Anytime playing in the back yard with my siblings and cousins
  4. Getting glasses at the age of nine and still needing them.
  5. Living through the Blizzard of 1978
  6. Going to a small Christian school as a teenager.
  7. Serving 13 aces’ in a row for Volleyball and winning the game
  8. My softball coach telling me I was his best player
  9. Winning singing competitions in high school
  10. Vacations with my cousins
  11. Getting my driver’s license
  12. A day trip to Kentucky with my Grandpa D.
  13. Any Christmas at Grandma S.
  14. Any lesson my mom/dad taught me and still teaching me
  15. Graduating High School
  16. Senior class trip to Bahamas
  17. My dad having a heart attack while on his job.
  18. Getting married
  19. Giving birth to my son and raising him
  20. Building a home
  21. Being a stay at home mom till my son was 8
  22. Learning that my husband was having an affair
  23. Getting divorced
  24. Knowing I have to start over
  25. Getting served custody papers
  26. Winning the custody battle
  27. Moving 11 times as an adult…any of those moves, was a “wow” moment
  28. Losing 135 pounds and going to New York for a photo shoot (gained all of it back)
  29. Having a clock stolen that my Grandpa D. made by hand
  30. Watching my son get his high school diploma
  31. Celebrating my 40th Birthday
  32. Having someone total my car while it set in the driveway and me sleeping. Hit and run.
  33. My mom falling down a flight of cement steps… about killed her.
  34. Taking son to Tennessee for college
  35. Watching my son grow up and becoming a man
  36. Becoming an Aunt and a great Aunt
  37. Any family reunion
  38. Every conversation I have with my son, He amazes me
  39. Watching my parents dance at their grand-daughter’s wedding
  40. The day I was debt free….going on 5 years
  41. Watching a loved one pass away
  42. Losing my job of almost 14 years
  43. Taking a vacation after 20 years
  44. While on vacation seeing the Water Gardens in Texas, absolutely beautiful.
  45. My cousin recovering after 3 brain surgeries and doing very well, A miracle
  46. Writing 2 books
  47. Posting my first blog
  48. Reconnecting with a cousin, you know who you are
  49. This journey I am on right now.
  50. Every time someone says “I love you” to me.


Tell me some of your “WOW” moments.

2 thoughts on “50 ‘WOW’ Moments Of My Life

  1. The small wows are really the big memorable wows after all!


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