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6 Things I Have Learned From My Son

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I don’t want to admit it. But my son has been a great teacher to me. He doesn’t even know that he’s been my teacher for 24 years.

I have been blessed with a wonderful child. He continues to amaze me (good or bad) every day. There’s not a day that passes that I am grateful to be his mom.

I want to share a few things he has taught me over the years.

Unconditional Love: The moment that I held him for the first time, I really understood what unconditional love meant. I never knew there was so much love inside me, till I saw that little precious face looking back at me. It was as if my heart had grown to its full potential at that very moment. If I had never birth to my son, I don’t think I would have known that true unconditional love was possible. There was nothing in this world that could stop me from loving him, ever.

Forgiveness: He is so forgiving. If I mess up, he’s the first to say “it’s ok mom”. Even after 24 years, he has forgiven me for all the BIG mistakes I have made.  

My son set the example for me on forgiveness. I figured if my son can be so forgiving then,  so can I.

My son at 9 months old. Too cute.

My son at 9 months old. Too cute.

Communication:  I am a simple girl. My son, however is not simple. He is smart, technical and analytical. From an early age he would explain things in technical terms. I had a hard time following along. I had to learn a new way of communicating so I could connect with him. Raising this young man, has taught me many different ways to communicate. I know can relate to science, physics, and math when I talk with him.

If I didn’t have this type of child I don’t think writing a book or blogging would have come true.

All those years I thought I knew how to relate and talk to almost anyone. I was so wrong.

Keeping An Open Mind: Because my son is so technical and analytical, he has some ideas, theories and thoughts that are mind blowing. Or at least to me they are.  

I have to keep an open mind when he shares those ideas and thoughts with me. I never know when a great idea will come. He has ideas on how to make the public school system better, theories on a new kind of fuel, and even ideas about a new candy. As his mom I want him to think outside the box, so this makes me have an open mind and not shoot down every crazy or great idea he has.

Tolerance: I can honestly say my son is not like me. Relating to him has been a tough journey for me. He is so different then I am. He’s smart, I’m not. He’s like Sheldon from “Big Bang Theory” and I’m like Penny. Anyone that knows him tells me the same thing. He’s so smart, I can’t follow along with him.

He taught me to be tolerant and to accept his uniqueness.

I had to learn to be more tolerant of someone that was so different than me. Don’t get me wrong. I am tolerant of others that are different, but when you are raising someone that does not display anything that you can relate to, is difficult. Lots of listening, questions and understanding went into this lesson.

True joy: For me, being a mom is the one thing that brings me pure joy. Even through the awful times. I have joy in my heart because of my son. We may have arguments, and difficult times, but I still have that joy in my heart.

I didn’t know you could find joy in a disagreement. We can be in the midst of an argument and we will always find something funny and laugh together. He usually corrects my grammar in those moments.

He taught me that joy comes from loving someone with your whole heart.

What a wonderful thing to teach someone.

He brings me so much joy.

Tell me what your kids have taught you. I would love to hear your stories. 




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