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6 Things You Didn’t Know About Me



Here I go. It’s time to step out of my comfort zone again.

I haven’t been blogging long. But I figured it’s time to start sharing more about myself, so you can get to know me better.

Here are some things that you may not know about me.

I love to organize. I have been organizing since I was a kid. My sister and I shared a room. I was always had the clean side. Sorry sis for throwing you under the bus.organize

Every toy, Barbie and doll baby had its home. My clothes always in the drawers or hanging in the closet. I still keep all my toys and clothes put away.

I like how I feel when everything has a home. I am a detailed organizer. I just don’t put something in a pile/drawer or box and say it’s done. Nope, I organize the box/drawer too.

One of my cousin’s tell me I am an anal organizer because I am so detailed. If I am planning a trip, I start packing at least a week in advance. I make a list of everything I need to pack. I will research restaurants and things to do (in that area) and print them off to take with me. Just so I know I have a back-up of things to do and places to eat in case something comes up.

I know, I am over the top with the organizing, but it sure has come in handy more times than not.

I love music. Especially music that I can sing to. I was raised with music. My mom and her sisters sang all the time, in church, at their homes, choirs, and for funerals. I was surrounded with

Music keeps me sane. It makes me feel good when I can sing along with a song or the music just uplifts me to a better place.

I don’t go a day without listening to some sort of music. It can be classis rock from the 70’s, some new alternative stuff or even my listening to my aunts/uncles recordings.

Music makes me emotional. I have set for hours and cried over the sweet sounds of my Aunts and Uncles voices. I have danced for hours (in the privacy of my own home) because music has given me so much joy I can’t sit still.

I appear to be a tough girl. I’m not. I am a big sissy and a cry baby. I come across that way because I don’t usually cry in public or speak when I am hurting. I just fall apart when no one can watch me. Lots of suffering in silence.

I am really a sensitive person. I get my feeling hurt easily. I never tell anyone that they hurt me. It’s easier this way, because no one else has to get hurt or feel bad.

I cry at Hallmark commercials, especially the Mother’s Day ones. I have even cried at Disney/Pixar movies. The last one was Big Hero 6, sobbed like a baby. I’m a sentimental crier too. If you cry, I am right beside you with Kleenex in hand.

I feel your pain when you are suffering. It hurts me deeply that someone has to go through any type of emotional roller coaster.

I love movies. Movies are my pastime. I love getting lost for 2 hours. I like trying to see the under lining of the story, or figuring out what the writer was ‘really’ telling us.movies

Movies help me relax. They can feed my emotional state of mind. Movies help me disconnect from reality for a while and help me forget the problems I have. Even though it’s for a short time, I feel better after I get lost for a couple of hours.

I am not your typical girl. I don’t care about brand names. I have 5 pairs of shoes, 3 purses, and very little jewelry. I don’t wear make-up, get my hair cut maybe 4 times a year and you will never catch me wearing a dress or skirt.

All those things really don’t matter to me. I am truly a “what you see is what you get” kind of person. No muss no fuss, that’s me. You will most likely see me in t-shirts, jeans and a baseball hat.

It’s just not about the outside appearance for me. I try and see people beyond the appearance. I don’t care what you are wearing (as long as it is clean) I want to get to know you. I hope people see that about me too.

I am very sentimental. I love my family and everyone in it. Each family member has touched my life in some way. Because of that I have decorated my house in memorabilia. I only have a few items hanging on my walls that are not family related. I love my keepsakes. I am reminded every time a look at my walls that I have loved so many people and they loved me. The keepsakes remind me that family is the most important thing in life. If you don’t have family you have nothing….in my opinion.

I have clocks that my Grandpa D gave me, crystal from my mom and Grandma D. I have trinkets from Aunts, Mom and grandparents. Blankets that were made by Aunts and photos that I look at weekly.

These items are my family and who they are/were. I love being surrounded by these items. It reminds me to follow in their footsteps. I feel their love even though most of them are passed.


That wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be. I hope that you feel like you are getting to know me better.

I want to hear your feedback. Please let me know something about you or leave a comment about the blog.

6 thoughts on “6 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

  1. You sound like a very nice loving, kind, thoughtful and have a love for family. I hope you do very well in your future blogs. Keep them coming.


    • Thank you so much for the sweet compliment. I do love my family. They are the best people I know. Maybe I should get out more 🙂 Keep coming back. I am always looking for things to blog about. If you have any suggestions please let me know. You can e-mail them to: or leave them in a comment. Thanks again for reading and visiting.


  2. I was pleased to find, when reading this, that i know you better than I thought. I am a terrible friend and I miss you more than you might think. I had loads of other comments, but I would rather make them in person. Love you


  3. Good job stepping out of your comfort zone!!


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