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Never Forgotten


Local Cemetery

Local Cemetery

Monday, May 25th is Memorial Day.

I know for most of us we are looking forward to having a long weekend and enjoying some time off from work. It is great to spend extra time with family and friends this weekend.

For me this weekend reminds me of all my family, Uncles and cousins that have served and still serving this great nation in the armed forces. It reminds me that our country’s freedom has a price.

That price is the commitment these folks give to our country. They are away from their families for long periods of time and sometimes with no communications for weeks or months to their families. The greatest price that is paid for our freedom and protection is: these brave men and women are willing and proud to lay down their lives for you, me and for their brothers/sisters fighting beside them.

We live in an amazing country, let’s not forget how we got here and the people that laid their lives on the line for all of us to enjoy this great country.

This weekend is to remember the ones that have gave their lives protecting our freedom. Remembering those still serving to protect us.

I want to challenge you to “Thank” a vet, any vet.

In Memory of those who have served

In Memory of those who have served

Buy a dozen flowers and go to your local cemetery and place a flower on each headstone that represents a soldier.

Put an American flag in the window of your home or in your yard.

If you know someone that has served or is serving, Make a phone call and tell them Thank You. Send them a text.

Go on social media and “Thank” every person that has served our country.

Plant a tree in memory of the ones that gave their lives.

My point is, don’t let this weekend be just another extra-long weekend.

God Bless The USA

God Bless The USA

On a personal note, My “Thank You”.

To my Grandpa’s brother, Woodrow Dixon: Served as a Navy gunner in WWII. He gave his life on September 11, 1943 on his ship the USS Savannah (a destroyer) when it was hit with a 500 pound bomb. Woodrow has a marker at Arlington National Cemetery. Thank you, Woodrow for your sacrifice. You gave your life to protect mine.

To my Grandpa’s nephew, CP Dixon: served as a pilot for our country in 3 wars, WWII, Korean and Vietnam. He was shot down 3 times and lived to tell his story. Thank you for your bravery.

I am grateful for my Uncles that have served. I wish I could name all of you. There have been so many I do not want to leave anyone out. But you know who you are. Thank you for making the ultimate sacrifice by serving our country and protecting our family.

Thank you to all my cousins that are serving or have served. You are a wonderful group of human beings and I am blessed to call you family. Thank you for protecting our country and preserving our freedom. Most of all thank you for your bravery and your love for country.

I love each one of you and so very proud to call you family.

To all the service-men/women in my family, to the ones that gave the ultimate sacrifice, to you that have served/still serving and protecting this great nation. Thank you, your love for family and country does not go unnoticed and will always be remembered.

Thank You

Thank You

4 thoughts on “Never Forgotten

  1. A great reminder what Memorial Day is. I always go to the cemetary on this weekend to plant flowers on my families graves and when I see all the flags placed on the soldiers graves throughout the cemetary I always feel a sense of pride for these soldiers. I too thank my family and all families that have served and are still serving.


    • Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. It’s wonderful that you plant flowers at the graves of your family. Having so many family members that have served and still serving does bring a sense of pride. Showing and giving “Thanks” to our soldiers is the least we can do for their sacrifice.


  2. What an awesome tribute to all the men and women who served , sacrificed, and is still serving for the great country. I felt the pride in your words as you were expressing your heart felt thank you.


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