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Blogger Award Encouraging Thunder #3

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Thanks Raymond, A very nice compliment coming from such an active blogger. Your posts are something I look forward to. Again, Thanks so much for mentioning me and for the nomination.

Encouraging Life

Encouraging Thunder Encouraging Thunder

Here comes the third nomination for bloggers who are considered to be active bloggers, read my posts, reblog my posts, leaving lots of comments and likes to my posts. They are truly amazing people who give so much support and besides I also visited their blog and having good interaction with these awesome people. The award could be rewarded many times and who knows what might happen if someone receives the same award many times! I am very thankful for these kind bloggers and therefore I grant all of them a special award Encouraging Thunder as a symbol of protection from nature in random order 🙂

  1. Lovely
  2. Garfieldhug
  3. Michelle Cook
  4. faburlifekhloe
  5. Mariposaoro
  6. Tessa
  7. benjii1993
  8. TheUglyDucklingsLife
  9. abyssbrain
  10. AKIRAA
  11. SimpleLivingOver50
  12. Meihsiu
  13. William
  14. Ritu
  15. zdunno03
  16. Rellick
  17. Ritu
  18. Reaching Meadow Lane

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One thought on “Blogger Award Encouraging Thunder #3

  1. You are welcome 😉

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