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My Little Get Away Spot

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I love sitting on my patio in the spring/summer. It’s a small space but I do enjoy my view.

I live in a town of about 30,000 people. It’s a busy little town but it’s pretty too. Lots of old large homes that remind you of plantation homes or large farm homes and a few Victorian style homes The town is surrounded by fields and farms with lots of trees.

We have trees everywhere. Trees line the main streets and on every side street. I have yet to see any property, business or home that don’t have trees. I am not a tree-hugger but I do enjoy them. I like the colors the trees have in the fall. I enjoy watching them have buds then leaves. When the buds come on, I know we are just a couple weeks away from warm weather. I love hearing the leaves rustle when the wind blows.

Sorry, got caught up in the trees as I am setting on my patio writing.

Last week I realized I was not enjoying the patio as I did last summer. I realized it was filthy. The cement was black and yucky, I had weeds growing around me, the fencing was dirty and had mildew on it. No wonder I wasn’t enjoying my surroundings….they were dirty.

DIrty Patio-Before

Dirty Patio-Before

So I called a few people to borrow a power washer. Found one. Sent my son to pick it up, and to get some hedge trimmers.

While he was gone I took everything off the patio. The Grill, snow shovel, trash can, chairs and table. I them took hand clippers and cut back the weeds. That made a huge difference.

Here came my kid with the power washer. WooHoo!!! Time to get some work done. I love playing in the water.

So I hooked up the power washer and started with the cement patio. YUCK!!!! Nothing but black water splashing back at me. But the patio was looking so much better. It took me a good hour to get that cement looking like new.

After I power washed the cement

After I power washed the cement

Once the cement was done, it was time for the fence. Power washing one board at a time. Time consuming and I was soaked in dirty water from head to toe. But all worth it. The boards looked brand new.

I cleaned up my mess and admired my hard work.

Now to put things back and make a nice setting place for me to enjoy. The grill got but back so I can easily pull it out to do some summer grilling.

Snow shovel got put in the corner, where it belongs. That baby does belong in a corner. I hate that tool. If I never see another snow shovel as long as I live I will be a happy camper.

I put my cheap foldable chairs out and a small foldable table. This is my quiet get away spot. I just need a foot stool to prop my feet up. Next on the purchase list.

My Little Get Away

My Little Get Away

I wish I had a nice patio set, but those things are expensive. I don’t have the money to go buy a nice set and I’m not sure it would last out there for a couple of reason. First, since I live in town people will do anything, steal or break your stuff. Second, we do get some good storms and the wind can pick up lawn furniture like it’s nothing. I don’t need furniture busting through my sliding glass doors.

So cheap and foldable it is. This way I can bring it in the house to store in the winter time or when a storm comes up and if it gets broke or stolen, at least it was cheap.

I plan on getting some sort of outdoor lighting and maybe and upgrade on a chair. (Depending on finances)

My relaxed seating

My relaxed seating

I forgot. While I was cleaning the patio, my son was trimming this huge hedge we have in the front yard.

It was taking over my stoop. That thing had grown so much in a year. I couldn’t see out my front window and the hedge would attack you when came to the door.

He did a great job. Even though he was having the worst allergy attack he has had in years. Must have been something about the hedge that triggered it. He was a trooper. He would work for a while then come in the house wash his face and hands and then go right back to it.

He even raked up all the trimmings, threw them in our back field and swept the sidewalk. Sorry I don’t have before and after pictures of my son’s work.

So now I have the front of the house looking good and my little get away spot is someplace I want to be. I spot to enjoy my view and enjoy the sound of the trees blowing in the wind.  I know it’s not much but it’s my little spot  of heaven.

My view

My View

My view

My view

You too can have a little get away patio. You don’t have to spend much money or none at all, like I did. It just takes a little sweat equity and you have a nice little spot outside to enjoy.

Steps to have a little get away spot:

Remove: everything from the patio. Throw away anything that is broken.

Clean up: Wash table and chairs, lights, decking, borrow a power washer to get rid of that hard to remove dirt.

Find your corner: Find that spot on the patio that gets the sun or shade. Put a chair and a small table there so you can enjoy the view, read or play on the tablet.

Make it your own: add citronella candles, or rope lighting, add a rug, and maybe a blanket.

Tell me about your get away spot.

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