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Reflection and Gratitude

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Today I have been working with photos. I have been working on our family reunion photo slideshow. Getting all pictures titled and organized. There are about 800 family photos to go through. A large task but I love viewing all of the faces that have passed and the faces of all my cousins when they were little. So many memories. Brings a tear and a smile.

I have also been working on my photos to add to Fine Art America selling site. I have been sorting, editing, titling almost 300 photos. Check out my page:


REFLECTION: Today, while going through the family photos, I remember my childhood and my aunts/uncle/cousins that have passed. I love my family. They are so important to me.

I can see my Grandma S. setting in her rocking chair with a cigarette in hand and a glass of ice cold Coke. Smiling at the grandkids running around in her house.

I remember playing in the swimming pool at my cousin Jennifer’s house. Playing Red Rover with all my cousins/friends at Vacation Bible School. Playing tag and Hide-N-Seek with all my cousins at family reunions. I still see all my uncles trying to beat the pants off anyone that would play baseball with them. My Uncles are very competitive. They also like teaching us kids lessons, the hard way (the right way too).

That’s right Uncle B. I remember the day you thought you would teach me a lesson about playing with the ‘big’ kids in a baseball game. I was 10 or 11 years old, playing 3rd base in a “big” kids game and my Uncle B gets up to bat. He looks right at me and says……”Are you ready?” “It’s coming right at you”.

I was so nervous but determined to prove to him I belong in the “big” kids game. I got in my stance. I was on the balls of my feet (like my brother taught me). Ready for whatever happened. Either me getting a baseball to the chest or catching the ball.

He swung the bat, the wooden bat made that awesome crack sound. There it was. The baseball coming right towards me. It’s a line drive, aimed toward my head. Uncle B takes off running to first base knowing I will be too much of a chicken to catch a line drive. I never take my eye off the ball.

To my surprise, I caught it. That ball stung my hand, it turned red. That’s right, this little 10-11 year old caught a line drive ball from a man that was big and strong and very capable of doing anything.

I caught the ball and yelled at Uncle B standing on first base. I yelled….”Is that all you got? You’re out! I caught the ball”. I love having the last word. 🙂

it was  a huge shock to Uncle B too. He had no idea that I would actually catch the ball.

To this day he doesn’t know how much that meant to me. He taught me that if you are challenged, don’t back down. You are capable of doing anything if you are prepared.

Love my family. They all have taught me something. Granted it might be a “What not to do” but still a lesson learned.

Reflecting on the past is a good thing as long as you are looking back at the good in life. Reflecting helps keep things in perspective and can motivate you to do more and to be better.

Thanks to all my family that has been there to teach, scold, help and support me through this wonderful journey called Life.


GRATITUDE: Looking at all these pictures today has made me grateful for all I have. I may not have much but I am blessed beyond measure.

Going on these weekend adventure to gather more photos to sell, I am grateful that I have a working car to take me to point A and B. Grateful that I have a little money to put gas in my car.

I am grateful I have my health so I can run around to these different places. Granted I am getting slower and need some time-outs. But still capable.

So thankful that I grew up in a family that really cares for all of us kids (cousins).

My cousins are some of the best people you could ever meet. They are hardworking, honest, caring, loving and some of the funniest people I know.

My gratitude comes from my family. Aunts/Uncles/Cousins/Siblings/Parents and Grandparents. They are an amazing group of folks. They deserve the credit. My family is always there for me. It could be a simple phone call just to check in. A text to say…Hey, just seeing if you are ok. Their kindness is infectious. When they reach out to you, they make you feel like you are the only person they want to be around. They truly love one another and show it.

So today was not about getting a few things done, it was reflecting on my family and the things I do have not what I don’ have. Today was about being grateful for the family I have and all they have taught or shown me.

Today, I say a big “THANK YOU” to my family. And a bigger “THANK YOU” to God who has allowed me to be a part of something so special.

Have you taken the time to reflect and have gratitude for your life? Tell me what you are grateful for or what causes you to reflect on your life.

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