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4 Weeks of De-cluttering Your Home



We all need a little more de-cluttering in our lives. Why not start today?

I know it can be hard to keep up on chores and keeping things organized. I have made a 4 week outline to help you get back to some a lighter feeling home.

The idea here is to take an extra 30-45 minutes a day and help yourself get back into a good routine.

WEEK 1: Kitchen:

Day 1: Refrigerator: Go through your fried and toss everything that has expired or don’t need. Do this with the freezer too. Since you are taking things out of the fridge/freezer, this is a good time to give it a good scrubbing.

Day 2: Start with the biggest and messiest. Take one or two drawers and clean them out. Toss broken items, or put items you no longer need/want in a charity box or garage sale box.

Day 3: One or 2 Cabinets: do the same as day 2.

Day 4: Continue with 2 more drawers or cabinets

Day 5: Clean out pantry or food supply. Toss out everything that is expired. Wipe down the area food has been stored. If you have canned or box food that has not expired and you know you will not be eating, why not donate the food to your local soup kitchen.

Day 6: Pots and Pans/small appliances: Go through your pots, pans, and small gadgets and see if there is anything you can give to charity or sell. If not, organize them so you have better access. Don’t forget to take the time and clean out those spaces that you store them in.

Day 7: Finish up any cabinets, drawers or spaces I may not have mentioned. Give the kitchen a good cleaning

Ta-Da!!! You know have a clean functioning kitchen with less clutter.

WEEK 2: Living Room/space

Day 1: Movies: That movie collection you have, it’s time to let some of it go. Try to cut it down by ½. If this is not possible, at least go through them and organize the movies by genres: horror, love, drama, action films or alphabetically. Even if you only let go of one movie this is a great start.

Day 2: Music: If you have a CD collection (Like I do), this one can be tough. Try and let go of a few CD’s and then organize them alphabetically so they are easier to find. Maybe you could load a few CD’s to your computer or I-pod/MP3 player. This too will help with the clutter.

Day 3: Magazines/Books: Toss out those magazines you have already read or better yet take them to your local library. If you have books laying around, find a shelf to organize them on. If they are books you have read, pass them to a friend, take the books to your library or local shelter. Try and downsize these as much as possible. They take up so much space.

Day 4: Knick-Knacks: Do you have a lot of little things to decorate your place, like figurines, glassware, trinkets. Take a look around your space and ask yourself this question: Do I love this item so much can’t live without it? If the answer is “No” then it’s time to pass it on to charity or put it in that garage sale box.

Day 5: Coat Closet: Take everything out of the closet. Wipe down the walls, shelf and floor. Go through each item that was hanging up. If you haven’t worn that coat in a year, it’s time for the charity box or garage sale box. If there is anything broken like umbrellas, it’s time to toss them. Downsize as much as you can and then put things back in an organized fashion.

Day 6: Give the room a good cleaning. Move furniture so you can sweep and dust under them. Get all the cob webs off the ceiling, corners and walls.

Day 7: REST. Take a break you have been working so hard to de-clutter 2 rooms you deserve a rest. Enjoy the work you have done.

WEEK 3: Bedroom(s)

Day 1: Start with a dresser. Go through each drawer and take out what you no longer wear or need/want. Organize each drawer. But unwanted items in charity or garage sale box.

Day 2: If you have 2 dressers do the next one. If not, go to your child’s room and do their dresser.

Day 3: Closet: Go through your clothes. If you have not worn the item in a year, it’s time to let it go to charity or the garage sale box. Organize your clothes by color, season or type: shirts/pants/dresses/skirts and so on.

Day 4: Do the closet in your child’s room. If your child has outgrown item or no longer wears, you need to toss or put in charity/garage sale box.

Day 5: Under the bed: Pull everything out from under the bed. Same rule applies. If you have not used or needed in a year, it’s time to let it go.

Day 6: Give your room a good cleaning. Sweep, dust and wash curtains.

Day 7: This one is optional. Go through your child’s toys. If they have outgrown toy or no longer play with it, it’s time for a new home. If toy is broken, then toss. You can either get your child involved in this chore but you may have a fight on your hands. You might want to consider doing this one by yourself. Your choice.

WEEK 4: Bathroom(s) Linen Closet

Day 1: If you have a vanity, start with a drawer or two. Take everything out. Discard anything that is outdated or you don’t use/need. Wipe out drawers. Organize the drawers for better use and access.

Day 2: Finish vanity drawers or cabinets.

Day 3: Discard any items that are expired, broken or just yucky, like make-up, hair products, medicines, toothpaste, etc.

Day 4: Linen Closet: Go through all your towels/hand towels and wash cloths. If they are worn out or towels you don’t like or use…t’s time to let them go. If the towels are worn out, you can always cut them down for rags. They make great cleaning rags or keep one in your car (just in case).

If you have sheets in the linen closet go through these too. If you don’t use you can donate or put in garage sale box. Organize your sheets too. Fold them as nicely as you can and use one of the pillow cases to put the fitted, flat sheet in along with the other pillow case. This way you just grab the pillow case and you know you have a matching set ready to go.

Day 5: Give the bathroom a good cleaning. Wipe down walls, get the corners, mop and clean the tub/shower.

Day 6: Gather up the items to take to charity, the library or soup kitchen and drop them off. This way they are no longer sitting in your home making more clutter.

Day 7: Gather all the garage sale items and either start planning your sale or put them aside till you are ready

Shew!!! That was a lot of work. Don’t you feel better? I know I do when I do this to my house every 4 months or so. It feels good to purge the things we no longer need/want.

I know this seems like extra work, but it really isn’t. You can break this down any way you want. If you want to take 30 days just to do your kitchen. That works too. Make a plan. List what you want to do every day and check it off when done. In no time you will have de-cluttered you whole house.


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