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Music Monday: David Phelps


Here’s one of my favorite songs. This song inspires me.

In my opinion, David Phelps has the purest voice I have ever heard. Just beautiful and he makes me cry when I listen to him. I cry because of the beauty in his sound. There’s nothing else like it.

David Phelps:   Love Goes On:

9 thoughts on “Music Monday: David Phelps

  1. In college particularly, I had a teacher who kept pushing me strongly toward classical music, but when she finally accepted that Christian music was what God was calling me to do, that became the turning point for me.”While studying music at Baylor, David met Lori Purtle, who has been his wife and rock-solid partner in his career for more than two decades. The couple has four great kids – Callie, Maggie Beth, Grant and Coby – and the Phelps family resides in the country outside Nashville, Tennessee.


    • I’m so glad you found your calling. Singing for God’s glory is wonderful. There are some great teachers out there.
      I didn’t realize that David met his wife at college. Thanks for the info. I think he’s an amazing artist.
      Thanks for taking the time to read the blog. God bless.


  2. David Phelps has been back with the Gaither Vocal Band since January 2009..

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  3. Youtube couldn’t find the video for me 😦 But I also am a fan of David Phelps music – especially when I need some soothing 😉


  4. I miss him singing with the Gaithers!! He is a great singer.


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