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7 Steps To Organize Your Purse

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purseThis one is for all the ladies. We all have that one accessory that we don’t leave home without. That is our purse. Our purse is an extension of ourselves.  It holds our phone, money, credit cards, insurance cards, pictures, make-up, comb/hair brush, mints, tissues, pen/paper and identification. Our purses have our lives in them.
Is your purse as organized as you or is everything just dumped in? If you are the organized one, then congratulations you are ahead of the rest of us ladies. But, if you have that unorganized purse, I’m here to help. YAY!!!

Here are 7 simple steps to get your purse in order.

  1. Find a good work station, such as a table or the floor if you have one of those large purses. Now dump everything out of your purse.
  2. Now throw away any trash, like reminders, receipts you no longer need, used tissues, candy wrappers, whatever is trash…throw it out.
  3. Pare down. Gum or mints, you really don’t need both. Cut down on the lip sticks you have maybe carry an all-purpose lipstick instead of 4 different shades. Only carry a couple of credit cards that you use all the time.
  4. If you can’t pare down, try putting your make-up in a zip-lock bag or better yet a nice make-up bag. This way it’s easy to get to and it’s all in one place. You can use this idea for those emergency chocolates or anything you need to keep separate or are hard to find.
  5. Now arrange your purse. Put large items in the main pocket, such as your wallet. Use the zip pockets to keep those personable items or items you don’t use often. Use the small pouches to keep a credit card handy or maybe a few pieces of chocolate.
  6. Get in the habit of storing your items in the designated places
  7. Purge your purse weekly to help keep it organized

Here are a few tips:

After you have organized your purse you may find you should be carrying a smaller one. This way the smaller purse won’t hold as much and you won’t be tempted to stuff it full.

Make photo copies of credit cards and insurance cards, Keep the copies in a safe place in case your purse is stolen or lost.

Never carry your Social Security card in your purse.

When you dump your purse to purge, wipe out the inside with a damp cloth. Most purses can be turned inside out for better cleaning. A clean purse leads to an organized purse.

Please share if you have any suggestions, tips or things you do to organize your purse.

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