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9 Different Ways to Use A Laundry Basket


Photography:  Mother Of Necessity

Photography: Mother Of Necessity

We all have at least one laundry basket in our homes. We typically use it for its purpose….laundry.

Did you know a laundry basket has more than one use?  Laundry baskets are inexpensive and have many uses. Here are a few ideas.

  1. Put a basket in the trunk of your car to hold your tools, windshield washer fluid, and extra oil. You can put Velcro strips on the bottom to keep the basket from sliding around in the trunk.
  2. Keep your flip flops and sandals in a basket. You can keep the basket in the entry way or mud room. When the season is over you can pick up the basket and store.
  3. If you live in a two-story home or have a basement, use a basket to carry items up and down the stairs. This way you won’t have to make so many trips.
  4. Keep a basket handy to do those quick pickups in the house, especially if you have company coming and you need de-clutter quickly. Fill the basket and hide it away. Mess is gone.
  5. Keep a basket in the entry way or mud room for the winter. All those wet, snowy, muddy shoes can be put in the basket to save you from mopping so much.
  6. Use laundry baskets for the garage or shed to store sports equipment: baseballs, gloves, cleats, helmets and gloves. Use one basket for each sport.
  7. Use the baskets to sort your recyclables.
  8. Use a laundry basket as a gift basket. For a baby shower, fill it with diapers, a blanket, baby bottles, and so on, put a nice big bow on top. A basket is a great gift idea for a wedding, bridal shower, graduation or a house warming.
  9. Use a basket for your projects. If you are making a quilt, a sewing project or crafts with the kids, you can keep all your items needed in the basket. This way you can put the project in the basket and store away till the next time.

Do you have any other ideas for the use of laundry basket?  Please share.

6 thoughts on “9 Different Ways to Use A Laundry Basket

  1. We used laundry baskets as portable easily moved outdoor cages to let our pet guinea pigs graze on the backyard. Just put the piggy under the laundry basket to graze away.


  2. My sister and I were just talking about how great laundry baskets are for many purposes! We often use them to carry food, games and bedding on camping trips and on trips to our cabin. During the Holidays, we use them to transport our gifts to give out and then fill them with gifts we receive for the trip home. You gave me some new ideas, though!


    • Thanks Amy for the comments. You gave some great ideas. Love the idea for carrying gifts. I am going to have to steal that one. I always have to make a couple of trips to the car just to unload the gifts. This idea with help make things easier.
      Thanks again for the feedback. Love the ideas.

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  3. I don’t have any other uses….but number 4 is a favourite…..and my teenager seems to be unaware of the actual purpose of a laundry basket to start with 😉


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