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Adventure: De-stressing In A State Park


Kiser Lake 6    Kiser Lake 7

As you are beginning to see, I love a country drive. There is always something new to see and photograph. I jumped in my car on a crisp almost autumn day.  I ended up at a spot I hadn’t been to in 20 years. Someplace I had almost forgotten about. It’s a small state park called: Kiser Lake State Park.

Kiser Lake 1I had forgotten how beautiful this spot was. You drive down a country road filled with farms, fields and hills. The drive itself is pretty.  There is a turn in the road, you have entered the park. The scenery is morphed into a spectacular view with trees, hills and a peek of the lake. It’s almost like you turned and entered another state.

I think the trees are my favorite part of the park. Everywhere you look there are trees. Trees that line the road, trees that surround the lake and trees for the trails to hike. There are 531 acres of rolling hills and wetlands.Kiser lake 8

It’s a beautiful, peaceful place to camp out for the weekend or have a picnic. Also a beautiful place to go hiking. They have 5 trails you can choose from.

The leaves on the trees are beginning to change colors already. I can’t wait for the next few weeks when all the leaves change. I will be returning to take more photos.Kiser Lake 2

The lake is beautiful, surrounded by lush trees. The lake is 396 acres and can be seen from almost every spot of the park.

You can enjoy the lake by taking your boat out (non-motor only) to go fishing or take your kayak out to get some exercise.

The lake offers great fishing from its 5 piers or the banks. You can catch Bass, bluegill, crappie and catfish.Kiser lake 3

As I walked around the park taking photos, I enjoyed the peacefulness. I could only hear the water, a few frogs, some crickets and the trees blowing in the wind. There was no city noise at all. Just nature at its best. I love the sounds of nature. When the trees are blowing in the wind, it’s almost like the trees are in a band making their own music.Kiser Lake 4

This may be a small state park but it offers so much. I forgot there was camping sites that have picnic tables and a grill for you to enjoy. There are over 100 spots to choose from. Some are on the water and others are nestled in the trees. You can bring your camper or put up a tent. Sleep under the stars if you want to.Kiser Lake 5

It’s so relaxing at Kiser Lake. I began to feel the stress being removed just by walking around or setting on a picnic table enjoying the water and sounds.. 

I enjoyed my visit to the park. I wasn’t at the top of my game that day. By the time I left, I was feeling better. I realized I was stressing over some things. Kiser Lake State Park helped me to relax and reminded me that I need to enjoy the simple things that nature provides for us.

I know I will be returning in the near future to take more pictures and just relax and find the calmness in the world.

If you’re in Ohio and need a spot to relax, I recommend Kiser Lake State Park.

Check out the website to plan your visit.

Tell me where you like to go to unwind or decompress and why.


2 thoughts on “Adventure: De-stressing In A State Park

  1. There is nothing like the State Parks views , Been to every state park in Ky., three in Tenn.. and one in Indiana. Without a doubt KY. state parks are the best by far. Lodge is cheaper and pontoon rentals about ten to fifteen dollar cheaper than Ohio, Tenn.. Just saying !


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