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Music Monday: Aunt Jane

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Photo by: Mother Of Necessity

Photo by: Mother Of Necessity

As I watched a glorious sunset the other night, I kept thinking about this song my Aunt Jane would sing.  I thought I would post it today.

I provided the lyrics for you to follow along. Love and miss you so much Aunt Jane.

I know the song seems sad but it’s not a sad at all, it’s about going to your home in Heaven. That will be a joyous time.  

Hope you have a wonderful week. Look for the little things that make you smile. Don’t forget to enjoy a sunrise or sunset this week….it does the soul wonders.

Click the link to listen to the song.

Thinkin’ ‘Bout Home – Debra Talley lyrics

A penny for your thoughts, I said to the old man
As he sat there on the park bench, all alone
With silver hair, and wrinkled brow, eyes gleamin’
He smiled and said, “Just thinkin’ ’bout my home”
I sat down and we shared some laughs together
And the cinema of remembrance, it did roam
We talked about life’s gains and its losses
But mostly, he just talked about his home He said, “I’m thinkin’ ’bout home”
Thinkin’ ’bout going home
Dreamin’ ’bout leavin’ here, ready to be movin’ on 
It won’t be long before the sun goes down and I’ll be gone
But until then, I’ll be thinkin’ ’bout home I said, “Tell me old man, where’s your home and 
What’s it like? 
He said, “Oh, ain’t nothin’ ’round here that compares
You see, a King had it built and gave the deed to me
And all my family’s already there 
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