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My Journey: Job Searching-Phone interviews



Part 3:  Phone interviews.

This week I had 2 phone interviews. YAY!!!! I am moving right along on this job searching process. Looking for a job is like having a job. You got to get up early to be on top of your game. I should explain how you get to a phone interview first.

You’ve got to do your research and find the right website to find a job. Once you do that then you can start applying for jobs online. If you are lucky you may hear back from 1-2 of the 67 companies you applied for and they will set you up for the next step (hoops they want you to jump through).

The next step could be filling out an application which follows a silly questionnaire, online. It also could be one of those assessments I mentioned in the last blog about job searching. You complete those and again wait for a response. Sometime the response is within 24 hours or it could be weeks.

A response from the company is exciting till you read the e-mail and realize it’s a denial letter saying they appreciate you applying but you are not what they want or do not qualify. 

So you wait and continue to apply for jobs. Then you get an e-mail. Now this one says they like you. Now you may have to take and assessment at this time too or they will say in the e-mail they would like to talk with you and what is a good time.

This is the e-mail you have been waiting for. So you schedule the perfect time of the day where you know you will not any distractions so you will do well on the call.

Lots of prepping, hoops, and waiting to do just to get a phone call from a company you contacted 2-6 weeks ago.  Yes, I know…I am not good at being patient.

Now it’s an hour before the call. I put on some nice clothes, do my hair, make sure my breath is not yucky, get my resume and references together, make sure I have a pen and paper ready, clean up the living room and wait for the call.

Ok, I know, I am over the top but I want to feel like I am having a face to face with this person. I want to feel like a professional. I want to be prepared for anything. See, I’ve been telling you that I am an over-organized person. Now it’s in black and white for proof.

I get the first call for the interview. This young man was not enthused at all. He’s monotone, and kind of sounds like Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh. I think to myself, well this is not going to be good. He already has his mind made up.

That’s when I figured this would be a great opportunity to show off my skills as a customer service phone representative.  I put on my customer service face and began to treat him like a bad caller from my last job. I was upbeat, had a smile on my face when I spoke, I even made him laugh. I did what I could to make him feel better. I wanted to leave him with a good impression.

I must have done something right in that phone interview because he invited me to have a face to face interview.

YAY!!!! On to the next phone interview.

I have to say, these phone interviews are intimidating. You have no clue who you talking to. You can’t read their body language or facial expressions. You don’t know if they are mufti-tasking and not really listening to you. It’s a little stressful.

The next phone interview was amazing. This woman was personable, attentive and had a great personality. We hit it off within the first 2 minutes of our conversation.

We were going through the questions she is required to ask of me. When I answered one of those questions, I slipped and let my real personality come through. I made a sarcastic remark and quickly apologized and said that my personality sometimes forgets that it has a brain attached and has a mind of its own.

Thank goodness she had a sense of humor because she laughed and told me she was glad I slipped.

Kim is her name and she and talked for over 40 minutes. The interview was supposed to be about 15 minutes long. We surpassed that.

We talked about what I had been doing this past year since I hadn’t been working. I told her about writing a couple of books, helping families get organized, writing the blog and taking photos.

Kim was so sweet she asked about the blog and I shared the website information with her. While we were talking she went to the site. She loved it. So now I have a new follower just because of a phone call. 

Needless to say, Kim invited me for a face to face interview too.

I did learn that it’s best to be yourself and let your personality shine through. The phone interview is the first step where you can impress the company you want to work for.

Still learning, growing and embracing this whole new process. Some things are better than others. But this one was pretty good for me so far.

I guess the next entry on the job searching process will be the face to face interviews. This should be fun..…I hope.

2 thoughts on “My Journey: Job Searching-Phone interviews

  1. In person the interviewer(s) will get to see a kind, funny, smart, practical girl who would be a great fit in any company. 🙂


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