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My Journey: Job Searching-Success!!!!!



After 10 days of waiting I finally got a call. The bad part is I missed the call. The call came in last Friday at 7:35 pm. I had been sick that week and left my phone on vibrate. Somewhere around 8:00 pm I check my phone and see that I had missed ‘THE” call from a company.

I listened to the voice message and it said they have some ‘good news’ for me. I called the person back and left her a message and apologized I was not available.

I had to wait till Monday to see if I had a job. Just another weekend…WAITING. Did I mention I am not good at waiting?

Monday rolls around and I was waiting all morning for my call. The call finally come in around noon. I was informed that I am being offered the position. WOO-HOO!!!!

She (Tina) continues to tell me what I will be doing, what shift and days I will be working and my pay. That’s when my heart sank. Everything was what I wanted until she mentioned the pay. It just wasn’t where I needed it to be.

I asked if there was any negotiating on the pay scale. She asked me what I was needing and informed me that she’s not sure if the company can offer me this rate.  Tina then says, she will talk to the hiring managers and see what she can do.

So there I was once again…waiting. I was holding my breath and ready to have a nervous breakdown. It’s been 3 months of hard work searching for a job and I have one true offer on the table.  A good job with a good company.

I am thinking to myself…..I can’t afford to take this job but then again I can’t afford NOT to take this job.

I wait for 45 minutes and Tina calls back. They came back with a counter offer. Still not quite there but a lot better than the original offer and almost what I asked for.

SUCCESS!!! I have taken the offer for the position and I start very soon. Now to fill out all those consent forms, go through a back ground check, a drug screen and read through the benefit packages.

I am excited and scared at the same time. Excited that I have a new job, scared about all the changes I will be going through.

I want to thank all my readers, friends and family that have supported me on this journey. Your encouragement, love and support have been a blessing to me.

2 thoughts on “My Journey: Job Searching-Success!!!!!

  1. YAY!!! Congrats girl!!!


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