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Don’t We Have Something Better To Do?

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I do not post things about what is taking place in our world. I want to make my blog fun, entertaining and educational. I don’t think I can hold my tongue any longer.

The world we all live in is unraveling in front of our faces. We set back observe, judge, call names but yet we do NOTHING about our own lives and problems. I know I have something better to do with my time.

Why is it news that a cup is now “red”? Why do we care so much about the color of a dress? Why do we waste our time watching a family on TV do things that are just ridiculous? Do these things impact our way of living? Why do we judge a business that is closed on Sunday or that the business is helping the homeless, all because the social media put it out there?

I understand that social media is the norm. It should not be our point of education. Why are we allowing just ‘crap’ be such a large part of our day?

I enjoy social media as the next person. I use it as entertainment for a minute or when I am bored. But I do not spend hours connected to it. I have too many things to do.

My mom would tell me my face would stick like that, when I made an ugly face as a kid. I think there is some truth to that statement. If we do something long enough we become that (whatever “that” may be). 

If we feed ourselves with junk food we become fat. If we feed our minds with junk, than our minds become mush. We will lose rational thinking, the ability to think for ourselves and decipher the difference between what is really right and wrong. Do you want to give that up? I know I don’t.

We are intelligent human beings (for the most part). The longer we get involved with the nonsense, we all will become meaningless to each other, because we will forget what is most important in our lives.

No it’s not money, a career, our home or material things. I have news for you all. It’s family and loving one another with an open heart.

Having a kind heart takes work. If you are willing to invest 4 hours a day with the “junk” than you have time for something meaningful in your life.

Take that time you would spend on social media and go connect with your loved ones. I bet your mom/dad would love to see you and spend time with you. How about your own kids? Go play a game with them, help them with their homework or better yet have a conversation with them.

Don’t get me wrong, I am guilty from time to time too. I have realized that by watching/listening and reading this junk, it is not good for me. It can cloud my own thinking, get me aggravated or even stunned by the stupidity because I am letting worldly influences fog up my thinking.

I have had to remind myself that this ’junk’ is just that…JUNK. It does not play a part in my world, nor should it. I remind myself that I am smarter than that and “junk” has no part in my mind. I have enough useless information in my head, I don’t need any more junk.

I am asking you kindly to step away from the Twinkie (junk food) and grab an apple instead.

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