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My Journey: New Job-Orientation

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The new job has begun. First day is orientation day.

This is the boring part about starting a new job. The first day is always a unique experience.

You have to hand in your paperwork in order to get you parking pass. Then you get the privilege of some young pup take your photo for your badge.

The waiting begins. Waiting on everyone to get their badge just so we can leave the lobby. Waiting on the facilitator to start the show. Waiting on the late-comers, so everyone can begin.

Now it’s time to listen to security  run through their lists of the most common sense things, like if three’s a fire…..leave the building. Don’t leave your badge at your desk, because you won’t be able to get back into the building. If you see a strange package, don’t open it, move it or taste it. Yes, I said “taste”. That was actually in the PowerPoint.

Having to fill out all the paperwork for the W-2, direct deposit, emergency contact information and beneficiary information on the computer. I am so used to doing this on paper. It was nice just typing the information in and knowing someone else wouldn’t spell my name incorrectly.

This is when I realized I was the ‘old’ person in this group of 18 people including the facilitator. I was amazed that some of these folks that had a family didn’t know what a tax exemption was or how it worked.

I was surprised that over half of them didn’t know what/who a beneficiary was. The facilitator had stepped out and the class started asking me their questions. By the time the facilitator had come back all forms were filled out but mine. The class was now waiting on me.

The sad part about helping all of them (which I happy to do) was, only 2 people thanked me for helping. Where did common courtesy go?

The fun begins. It’s time to learn all about the company, what they do and what our obligations are. This is all done on the computer with a module base learning. Which is nothing new to me. That’s how my old job did all their training.

Setting in front of a computer screen with headphones on for 3 hours, watching/listening to some real boring information. A module on harassment, any type of harassment. Another one on keeping your desk clean. Yes, that’s right…how to keep your desk clean. A module on fraud, what to look for and how to report it. A module on confidentiality and how to secure your computer and paperwork. And the list goes on.

If you have worked for any large company you realize this is some of the most common sense things to remind us all. Then I was thinking, these kids have no clue what they are doing and they have to be taught these things.

It’s sad really that these young folks don’t know work place etiquette and how important all of those boring modules really are.

Even though it was a boring day for me, I have started a new job and I am on my way to a new adventure in my life. I am grateful this company has given me the opportunity to shine.

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