Mother of Necessity

because sometimes, you just have to.

About Me

I come from a long line of “doers”. My family may not be rich but they are all successful in whatever they do. They have a saying that I pretty much live by….“It WILL get done, it may not be pretty, but it WILL be done.”  That is the reason for my blog name. Everything I have ever accomplished has been out of necessity.

I am just a mom, a sister, a daughter, a cousin to many and a friend. Through the years I have developed many skills for myself just to get through this world. I know it can be so overwhelming just to do the daily chores of life.  I want to try and help with those things  and share my journey with you.

I have had to start over many times for many reasons. Such as, a divorce, financial issues, changing jobs, losing jobs. I have moved 11 times as an adult. Most of those moves were with my son when he was younger.  I have been able to take those challenges and turn them into life lessons and make things better for my family.  I want to share these things with you in hopes of helping you.

I have learned how to organize almost anything, from a ‘junk’ drawer to a full house.

I have learned how to live on a budget. I have learned how to stretch my money too.

I have planned many events: from a simple dinner party of 4, to a 50 year wedding anniversary party for 200 people, organized family reunions, baby showers, graduation parties and birthday parties.

I may not be the craftiest of people but I can have a moment or two just to get the chore done.

I have helped some young people make decisions to better their life or just to help them ‘get back on track’.

I worked for a Pharmaceutical Benefit Management Company for 14 years. I was able to experience the need that people have when they are struggling with illness.  My experiences I had there were rewarding and sometimes sad.  In my years with the company, I was able to assist some of these people with suggestions to help them get their medications/medical records organized. I was able to offer  services they may not have been aware of.  I helped people choose insurance plans that benefited their needs. And most important, to me, I was able to be a friend to these people when they had no one.

Since I lost my job I have developed a few new skills, such as: Designing my web page, creative writing and photography.

That is my passion: helping others.

I hope my blog helps you and your family, or at the least entertains you.

If you are looking for some one to organize your home, office, paperwork, photographs and such, I would love to help you.

If you need someone to write an article for you, I am here to help.

Do you need someone to do on-line research, I’m here for you.

Do you need someone to be your photographer for an event, look no further.

I would love to help you any anyway. I am for hire.

Check out my LinkedIn profile: (copy and paste link)

If you want to view my work, you can click on the “Books” tab or the “Photos” tab at the top of the page.

If you want to check out my resume please e-mail me at: I will send you a copy.

Thanks for visiting my site. Have a wonderful day.





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