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Today is a new day….I will be glad and rejoice in it

Photo by: Mother Of Necessity

Photo by: Mother Of Necessity

Have you ever had one of those days/weeks where you feel overwhelmed? Not because things are awful or something bad happened but because you just feel that way.

I know that feeling too. It’s tough to pinpoint what your body/mind is telling us.

Are we stressing over a job or the lack there of? Are we worried about our parents/children or loved ones? Are we financially strapped? Are we too focused on our own careers? Are we stressing over things we can’t control?  Is life getting in the way of our joy? Are we letting the little flaws of life get to us?

These are my questions I have been asking myself lately. The simple response is: “YES”. I know I am not alone in this and I know everyone has had there day of feeling overwhelmed.

I have come to the conclusion that it’s ok to feel overwhelmed (on occasion) but it’s not ok to focus on it. The feeling of being overwhelmed is just our body and minds letting us know that we need to slow down and enjoy the moment or day.

You know the saying: Don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s true. It’s the little things that can either drive us crazy or we can enjoy the little things that life gives us.

We have a choice: Either dwell in the things that overwhelm us or find the joy.

I am choosing to find the joy and not let the feelings overwhelm me.

I am going to start a new practice.  This is my plan, because I always have a plan or need a plan.

First:  When I wake up I am going to list 3 things I am thankful/grateful for.

Second: In the afternoon I am going to list 3 things that make me happy.

Third: Before I go to bed I am going to list 3 things that brought a smile to my face that day.

I will use these as reminders that all is not lost and there is joy in my day. If I can find joy, even from the smallest thing, then I had a good day. This should help my stress level and hopefully I will not have that overwhelming feeling again. Or at least not so much.

There is a Bible verse that I remember as a kid. There is even a song about it. My cousin reminded me of this verse/song and I think it resonates for this post.

Psalms 118:24 – This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.

It’s a simple verse but has a huge impact. We need these reminders that what we are going through is temporary and things will always look different in the morning.

As one of my Aunts told her children: “Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning”.

Tomorrow is a new day with new choices. Let’s all rejoice and be glad for a new day.

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11 Trick or Treat Safety Tips


Autumn is here and it’s time for Halloween. It’s time to carve the pumpkins. Time to buy or make the costumes.  Time to buy and test the candy and then buy more because we ate the first bag and time for some safety tips.

  1. Clear and light pathways to your front door. This will help the wee ones make it safely to their treats. You don’t want Superman getting hurt. Children are excited to show off their costumes and anxious to get candy. They don’t pay attention when they are walking/running to your door, so let’s make that part safe for them.
  2. Costumes: Make sure the costume isn’t too long. This can cause trips and falls. The costume can get caught on bushes/shrubs or be stepped on by others. Make sure the costume is bathroom friendly.                                                               If your child is wearing a mask, please be sure they can see and breathe clearly. If they are wearing make-up or face paint, check to see if it’s hypo-allergenic. You don’t want your child getting a rash from the paint.
  3. Shoes: I know those princess shoes that come with the gown are adorable, but those shoes may not be the best option for walking. They can wear those shoes for the party. You and your child should wear comfortable/durable shoes. You will be on your feet for a good 2 hours and you don’t want your little princess to miss out because her feet hurt.
  4. Carry a flashlight or glow-stick. Put some reflective tape on your child’s costume, this way drivers can see your child walking around.
  5. Plan your route. If you are taking your kids out, have a route you have already scanned for construction, broken sidewalks or any other obstacles.                                                                              If you have older children that will be on their own, help plan their route and walk it with them a day or two early so they know where they are going and you will have an idea where they are at when they venture out.
  6. Follow the curfew rule if you have one for your area. This helps the residents know when trick or treaters may be knocking at their door. It also helps the drivers in your town to drive more cautiously.
  7. No shortcuts: No cutting through alleyways, fields, yards and driveways. These areas may not be lit well and can cause a trip hazard.  You never know what ghoul or goblin awaits you in a dark alley. It’s just smart to avoid these things.
  8. Chaperons: The young children should always be with an adult. The older ones should be in a group.
  9. No candy eating till the kids get home. Inform your children not to eat any candy while out. You want to inspect their bounty before they consume and you want to pick the best pieces out for yourself.
  10. Do Not Enter:  Inform your children to never enter a person’s home or car and why. Do not trick or treat at someone’s home that is not lit up or the front porch light is not on. If the light is not on that resident doesn’t have any candy and does not want to be bothered.
  11. Always stay with the group: Remind your ghosts to stay close and not to wander off.

Have a safe and happy Halloween. If you have any other safety tips, please share them in the comments.

Photo by Mother of Necessity

Photo by Mother of Necessity

Here’s a shameless plug:  If you are looking for a trick or treat bag/canvas tote for your child. Come take a look at my new fall photos. These totes are washable and can be saved for next year too. 

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Do you hold a grudge?

Photo by: by:

I haven’t done this type of post in a while. I have been working on this issue with myself over the past year and thought I would share my thoughts. I hope it will help you too.

I am far from a guru on this matter but I too have held (hold) a grudge(s).  I have held grudges toward my ex, family members, co-workers and even my own son.

I have to say, that is not a happy place to be in. A grudge interferes with my thoughts toward that person and it hinders having good thoughts.

Let’s just put it out on the table. We all have or have carried a grudge before. It has not done of us any good. We are not the winners if we hold a grudge. We are limiting ourselves of others love. We cannot love someone fully if we hold a grudge. We cannot forgive completely if we hold a grudge. We cannot free ourselves of the wrong doings/saying of someone else. A grudge ties us down and we cannot grow.

WOW!!! Another therapy session (for me).

It’s simple to put away that grudge that has been holding you pack. If the grudge is from a family member or loved one….drop it. It’s not worth the energy. You are not allowing love to come through. Your family loves you and always will even during the bad times. I promise, if you drop that grudge on the floor and sweep it away, you will feel lighter and you will be able to see and feel the love from others.  I personally have done this with many loved ones. Still need to work on one or two. But still moving forward.

If the grudge you hold is from an ex. I’m not asking you to forget about the wrong doings. But you sure can let that stuff go. This one was tough for me, but I did it.  When you are consumed with a grudge you limit yourself from seeing any good in a person, even if it is the ex. You can’t move on. Remember there was a reason you were in that relationship in the first place. Remember the good and let the other stuff go.

I know it sounds simple, because it is. It’s just that switch in our heads that needs to be turned on again to let the love and kindness back in.

I bet, you never thought you would be that ‘mean’ person towards anyone. But here we are doing just that. Not allowing ourselves to be free of the bad.

I am preaching to myself too.  Just drop it and let it go. Stop the tug of war between your thoughts and what is right. If you drop the rope then the bad thoughts tumble to the floor. That leaves you still standing tall and not in the mud.

It is no longer worth our time and energy. We are better than that. We were taught better than that. So let’s just do what we all know is the right thing to do……drop the grudge and move on.

Let’s start being happy again. Let’s start letting others love us. Let’s start loving others. Free your heart and mind of grudges because no one wins.

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The Mighty Clothespin: 20 New Uses

Photo by: Mother Of NecessityPhoto by: Mother Of Necessity

I have been thinking about objects that I use almost every day and different ways I can use them. This week I was hanging clothes on the line because it has been beautiful here in Ohio and I love the smell my clothes have when they dry outside. So refreshing and I am saving energy and money.

I thought it would be a great blog to write about the many uses for the mighty clothespin. These ideas will be based on the spring-loaded clothespin.

  1. Use 2 clothespins to hang your skirts on a hanger. This way your skirt won’t fall off the floor or have fold marks on your skirt. You can do this with dress slacks, tank tops and strappy dresses too.
  1. They are great to use several on a hanger to hold your scarves or ties.
  1. Keep bagged food items fresh and secure. Just roll up the bad and put a clothespin on it. This is great for freezer bags as well.
  1. Clothespins are great for parties/reunions/picnics: use them to hold your table cloth in place.
  1. Glue a small magnet on a clothespin and place it on your refrigerator to keep your grocery list on or leave notes for the family.
  1. Use 2 clothespins to secure your trash bag to the trash can. Just clip the bag to the lip of the trash can and Ta Dah…. the bag will never fall into the can again.
  1. Use one or two to hold sheet music or songbook open while practicing.
  1. While in the kitchen clip a clothespin to your shirt tail or waist along with a dish towel and you will always have a towel at your disposal when cooking. Also great for project that may be messy.
  1. If you are traveling, pack a few in your suitcase. Use them to secure the curtains are closed so you won’t have that crack of sunlight or a streetlight in your face. Also good to keep the peepers away.
  1. Attach a dryer sheet to a clothespin. This way that dyer sheet doesn’t end up lost forever, in your pant leg or the sleeve of your shirt. Also a great way to reuse the dryer sheet till it is no longer good.
  1. When you are prepping for errands, use a clothespin to keep your chore list, grocery or shopping list in your purse. It’s easy to locate and organized.
  1. Put a clothespin on your sun visor in the car. You can keep your debit card handy, chore list or schedule.
  1. Use a clothespin to hold a nail in place as you hammer. This way you will save those fingers and thumbs from being smashed.
  1. They are great for craft ideas. Simple and easy to paint. Just use your imagination and have fun.
  1. If you are a city dweller and your mailbox is attached to your home, use a clothespin to secure your outgoing mail to the mailbox.
  1. Use as a bookmark and keep your place. These are great for the kids. They can decorate their own with markers or pain.
  1. Use clothespins to store your gloves and mittens. Just clip the matching pair together and they are ready to use the next season.
  1. Planning a party or event that requires name cards for the tables. Use clothespins…paint them a color that coordinates with your theme place them on their side or stand them up and put your name card in the clip.
  1. Paint clothespins brown or green and use them on your outdoor lighting project for the shrubs and trees.
  1. Christmas card display. Buy some nice ribbon and secure in a doorway, staircase, fireplace or mantel. Paint the clothespin to match the ribbon and attach your cards to the ribbon with the clothespins. Simple, easy inexpensive decoration.


What are some ways you use the might clothespin?

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6 Categories for Shopping Online: Gifts

shopping online

I have been asked to do a blog on shopping sites that I like to use. I enjoy shopping online because it’s easy and I don’t have to leave my house.

I like to send ‘little’ things to my cousins and family to let them know that I am thinking of them and that I love them. Since the holidays are coming up, I figured this would be a good time to share.

I have to admit that some of these sites I have not used yet, but I sure will in the future.

This would be a great blog to favorite or bookmark so you can come back to it if you need some help.

I have broken the categories down to help you.  Well, to be honest to help me.

Yummy Treats:    Good for small gifts. They offer a $5 box of popcorn that you can send anywhere. Also great ideas for college kids, care packages, holidays or just for yourself.    Cheryl’s is known for her cookies. You can order 1 cookie that ships in a decorative box and when it arrives they also give a $5 coupon for that person’s next order. Cheryl’s has some great cookies, brownies and small cakes to offer. You can make your own gift basket or buy one they have created for you.   Marie’s is famous for their chocolates, it is a local small business, owned by the same family since 1956.  I think they have the best chocolates around. All made in house by hand. They will ship anywhere and you will always get the best.    OMGoodness, this site has more than nuts. They offer chocolates, healthy snacks, coffee, tea and more. If you are planning a party, I recommend this site. If you want to gives these as a gift, you will not go wrong.    Here’s a trusty go to. Not sure what to get someone, then this is the site. They offer cheeses, sausages, fruits, jellies and more.

Personalize:     This is one of my personal favorite sites to use. I generally get Christmas gifts here. Lots of ornaments that you can personize. Great site for weddings, showers and graduation gifts. They usually have some great sales too.    My ultimate favorite site to use. I have made calendars, photo books, cards, mugs, magnets and so much more. You can load your own photos and make a gift out of it. Very personal and not that expensive. Plus if you are new they offer 50 to 101 free 4×6 prints. I say they also have the best quality.     Another photo site that you can load your own photos and make into gifts. This site is a little cheaper and the quality is good but not the best.      Another great option for wedding, graduation, and anniversary gifts. Every item the sell can be personalized in some way.

Crafts:   Do it yourself gifts     Most of us know about this store but they have a website too. You even get a coupon with your purchase, up to 40% off an item. It’s a great site for a crafter or sewer.     One of my cousins told me about this site. When I took a look I was surprised that it offered more than craft products.  I was impressed with this site. Lots of great ideas.    This site offers every supply you would need for a project. If you are a painter, quilter, crafter or just like to do a fun project….this is your go-to site. Very inexpensive and pretty quick shipping too.

DEALS:     A wonderful site to get discounts on almost anything in your area. You can search for restaurants, events, and fitness, for the family, services and more. Discounts are generally 20%-40% off.       Discounts for automotive, shopping, things to do, weekend get-a-ways and so much more.       Now this site works a little differently. You earn points for things you purchase. The points earned can go toward gift cards. Mypoints offers discounts on your purchase so you are saving twice. I have been using this site for almost 8 years and I am always able to save and earn enough points to earn at least one $50 gift card. This year I was able to earn three $50 gift cards.

Geek/Nerd/Tech:    My kid is the geek/nerd in the family. I use this site to get T-shirts and fun things for him. They offer all kinds of fun gadgets/toys and clothing.      This site is nothing but electronics. If you are looking for a new computer they have it. Need a part or accessory for the computer….look no further, it’s all here.       If you are looking for that unique gift for your favorite computer geek, look no further. This site has everything. Computer cases/bags, gadgets, computer equipment, gaming accessories and so much more.     This site is catered to the modern man. They offer clothing, watches, gadgets, furniture and a ton more. It’s a very cool site and you can find a great deal too.  The items they offer are for a limited time.

Miscellaneous:    Flowers are always a great gift. They offer seasonal gifts and great for any occasion.       This is my shameless plug. I sell my photos on this site. Check it out:   You can also purchase from other artists. This site you can get bags, prints, pillows, phone cases, shower curtains and much more. It’s a fun site to shop.    I have not used this site personally but others have told me that this is a wonderful place to get outfits for the kids or for yourself and lots of accessories.     Now this site has almost everything. If you are looking for trinkets or something unique, this is the place.  Lots of great ideas for any occasion.

Don’t forget to bookmark or favorite this blog for when you are looking for a great idea for a gift. I hope this blog has helped you get some ideas for gifts and has given you a variety of options to use. Have fun shopping and let me know what sites you liked.




9 Different Ways to Use A Laundry Basket

Photography:  Mother Of Necessity

Photography: Mother Of Necessity

We all have at least one laundry basket in our homes. We typically use it for its purpose….laundry.

Did you know a laundry basket has more than one use?  Laundry baskets are inexpensive and have many uses. Here are a few ideas.

  1. Put a basket in the trunk of your car to hold your tools, windshield washer fluid, and extra oil. You can put Velcro strips on the bottom to keep the basket from sliding around in the trunk.
  2. Keep your flip flops and sandals in a basket. You can keep the basket in the entry way or mud room. When the season is over you can pick up the basket and store.
  3. If you live in a two-story home or have a basement, use a basket to carry items up and down the stairs. This way you won’t have to make so many trips.
  4. Keep a basket handy to do those quick pickups in the house, especially if you have company coming and you need de-clutter quickly. Fill the basket and hide it away. Mess is gone.
  5. Keep a basket in the entry way or mud room for the winter. All those wet, snowy, muddy shoes can be put in the basket to save you from mopping so much.
  6. Use laundry baskets for the garage or shed to store sports equipment: baseballs, gloves, cleats, helmets and gloves. Use one basket for each sport.
  7. Use the baskets to sort your recyclables.
  8. Use a laundry basket as a gift basket. For a baby shower, fill it with diapers, a blanket, baby bottles, and so on, put a nice big bow on top. A basket is a great gift idea for a wedding, bridal shower, graduation or a house warming.
  9. Use a basket for your projects. If you are making a quilt, a sewing project or crafts with the kids, you can keep all your items needed in the basket. This way you can put the project in the basket and store away till the next time.

Do you have any other ideas for the use of laundry basket?  Please share.

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7 Steps To Organize Your Purse

purseThis one is for all the ladies. We all have that one accessory that we don’t leave home without. That is our purse. Our purse is an extension of ourselves.  It holds our phone, money, credit cards, insurance cards, pictures, make-up, comb/hair brush, mints, tissues, pen/paper and identification. Our purses have our lives in them.
Is your purse as organized as you or is everything just dumped in? If you are the organized one, then congratulations you are ahead of the rest of us ladies. But, if you have that unorganized purse, I’m here to help. YAY!!!

Here are 7 simple steps to get your purse in order.

  1. Find a good work station, such as a table or the floor if you have one of those large purses. Now dump everything out of your purse.
  2. Now throw away any trash, like reminders, receipts you no longer need, used tissues, candy wrappers, whatever is trash…throw it out.
  3. Pare down. Gum or mints, you really don’t need both. Cut down on the lip sticks you have maybe carry an all-purpose lipstick instead of 4 different shades. Only carry a couple of credit cards that you use all the time.
  4. If you can’t pare down, try putting your make-up in a zip-lock bag or better yet a nice make-up bag. This way it’s easy to get to and it’s all in one place. You can use this idea for those emergency chocolates or anything you need to keep separate or are hard to find.
  5. Now arrange your purse. Put large items in the main pocket, such as your wallet. Use the zip pockets to keep those personable items or items you don’t use often. Use the small pouches to keep a credit card handy or maybe a few pieces of chocolate.
  6. Get in the habit of storing your items in the designated places
  7. Purge your purse weekly to help keep it organized

Here are a few tips:

After you have organized your purse you may find you should be carrying a smaller one. This way the smaller purse won’t hold as much and you won’t be tempted to stuff it full.

Make photo copies of credit cards and insurance cards, Keep the copies in a safe place in case your purse is stolen or lost.

Never carry your Social Security card in your purse.

When you dump your purse to purge, wipe out the inside with a damp cloth. Most purses can be turned inside out for better cleaning. A clean purse leads to an organized purse.

Please share if you have any suggestions, tips or things you do to organize your purse.