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Photo Update

Walnut Tree

Walnut Tree

I have added 30 or more photos to Fine Art America website. I hope you will take a look at my work.  Click the “Photo” tab at the top of the page to view my gallery.

I have entered a few photo contests. They are not for money or awards, just for fun.
I am  trying to use the contests to market my photos and myself.  I am trying to get my name out there a little bit and leaving my comfort zone. Its’ scary putting your product/brand out there for the world to judge.

Take a  look at the contests I have entered. You may have to sign up for Fine Art America to vote. There is no obligation to purchase anything. Please help a girl out.

This is the first contest:

The other contests do not start the voting till tomorrow. You can check them out under my profile page on Fine Art America website, listed as “Contest” then participating contests.

Thanks for your help. Thanks for supporting me and reading the blog. You all are fantastic.

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Still Worrying About Worrying?



I wanted to come back to this topic because I know there are so many of us that worry way too much. I want to try and help ourselves worry less. I realize that most of will still worry about our kids, money, well you know the big things. Maybe, just maybe we can worry less with a few tips or tricks.

We have convinced ourselves that worrying helps. We think if I can find a solution then I will stop worrying. We tell ourselves that we don’t want to overlook anything or be surprised and I want to be a responsible adult.

All of these things lead to worrying. We can’t sleep, or when we try to sleep we can’t shut off our brains. Then we start to have negative thoughts. These actions make us go in circles. When we worry, we become negative and being negative makes us worry. This is not a healthy way to live my friends.

I have a few things that I have been doing to help myself worry less. So far, so good. Hopefully by sharing these ideas, they will help you too.

DO SOMETHING: When you find yourself being tortured over something, stop thinking and do something. Go to your to-do list and start checking things off, get some chores done, exercise. If we do something that has a physical action we tend to think about the action we are doing and not worry.

I have been practicing this one for a while. When I find myself fretting over something, I make myself do something, I clean the kitchen, do laundry, finish a craft project or just go take a walk.

SMASH THE WORRY IN THE MOUTH: I don’t meant that literally. If there is a problem that can be resolved, then get to it. Smash that problem with a big hammer and move on. Stop worrying and get rid of the problem. Facing things head on takes some courage. Lace up them boots and be fearless.

This one is getting easier for me. I am a big chicken and I hope/pray/worry that the problem will just go away on its own. Well, it doesn’t work that way. The ball is in my court and I get the privilege of smashing the ball over the fence. That feels real good, when I am in control and solve my own problems.

ASK FOR SUPPORT: Talk to your friends and family. They will have a different perspective and can give you some great insight. I know for myself, if I just say the words out loud to someone then my worry is less.

LISTEN TO MUSIC: I love music, but I don’t listen enough. When I see that I am worrying, I plug in some digital music and just listen. Sometimes I sing along. Here’s the fun part. When I listen to music it gives me energy, I am able to get more work done and it relaxes me.

Music is a wonderful thing and I have to remind myself that I love music and I should make sure that I get my music anytime I can.

WRITE IT DOWN: One of my aunts told me when I was a kid to write down my bad thoughts. I hadn’t practice that in a long time, but I am doing it now. I have a worry journal.

Just like keeping a blessing journal, it works the same way. The big difference is, when I am done worrying, I take that sheet of paper and either burn it or shred it. This works great for me because it allows my brain to know that the problem is done and I have no need for it anymore and it’s gone….literally.

If you keep a Blessing Journal, go back a read your blessings, this relaxes me too and takes some of the worry away.

HOPE FOR THE BEST-PREPARE FOR THE WORST: This is an old saying but it does ring true. This one is hard for me. I have no problem preparing for the worst, it’s that ‘hope for the best’ part that gets me.

Having hope can be hard for a worrier. Hope has no action, it’s just positive thinking. Yep, that’s right, it’s time to start thinking a little bit more positive towards our problems and life in general. The funny thing is, where there is hope there is positive thinking. They go hand in hand.

Preparing for the worst is the easy part for most of us. When we worry, we tend to think about the worst possible outcome. Here’s the hard part, accepting and I really mean, accepting the worst. If we truly accept the worst then we can take action to improve upon the worst.

Worrying doesn’t do any good in the long run, it only hurts us. Let’s practice a few if not all of the suggestions above and become a little bit more relaxed and worry less.

I would love to hear from you. Please let me know what worked for you.

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Bad Habits I Have

bad habits

Bad Habits I Have

I have a few bad habits that I want to share with you. I am hoping if I admit to these bad habits it will help me work on them.

I have a bad habit of interrupting people when they are speaking. I try real hard but I just can’t keep my mouth shut. I try to be the best listener I can but my mouth won’t stay shut. Seems to be uncontrollable.

I second guess myself too much. Even when I accomplish a task, I think I could/should have done better.

I drink too much pop/soda/cola. I know it’s not good for me, but I drink it anyway. I know it’s bad for my teeth, it adds weight to my body and caffeine is addicting. I drink it anyway.

I have a bad habit by not asking for help when I need it. I am a very independent person and I think I can do almost anything if I set my mind to it. There are times that I need to ask for help and I do everything but ask till it’s almost too late. This one is a work in progress.

I worry way too much. You can call me a worry-wart. There are times that I am consumed with worry. The odd thing is I know I worry too much and I worry about worrying too much.

Now that you know some of my bad habits….What bad habits do you relate to the most.  Take my little poll and we can help each other.


Ask for help/Support

 Ask for help/Support


I know it’s hard for some of us to reach out for help. I know from experience. But just like you, I thought asking for help meant I was weak or I just didn’t want anyone else knowing what was going on. I was afraid what they would say, judge me or think I fell off my rocker (went crazy).

Asking for help does not mean you are weak. It takes strength to ask for help. Getting a little help is a very smart thing to do. No one person gets what they want by not asking for help. You are too smart to struggle alone and waste your time. Generally when we reach out to a friend/colleague, they are more than willing to lend a hand or be that sounding board you have been missing.

I suggest that you put your fear away and just ask for help. Reach out to your dearest friend/colleague. You know the one, the friend that is always honest with you. You need honesty to keep you on track. They may be a little tough, but they are also the ones that cheer the loudest. If that works out for you then start asking your colleagues and other friends to join you. The more support you have the more motivated you are.

Your friends/colleagues are smart people too. They know who you are and want to be there for you. They can be a great support group. Allow them to help you.

Friends/colleagues are a great support system. They can help you stay focused, let you know if your ‘slip is showing’ (have your back), hold your hand when things get tough and they are great cheer leaders. They will cheer you on no matter what. Your friends want to see you succeed.

When asking for help, please be sure to have an open mind. Your friend/colleague is going to have a different perspective on things. This can be very helpful when you are stuck. They may not always have the answer but they sure can help you to stay on track, cheer you on and offer a new look at things.

Having someone in your corner rooting for you is very motivating. It makes you want to stay on track, try new things because you love the support you are receiving. It makes us feel good and feeling good is always a motivator.

Every time you feel your motivation leaving you, go talk to your friend/colleague as soon as you can. They will help you get back on track, give you positive feedback that will help keep you motivated.