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My Journey: Job Searching-Assessments


testHere’s the second part of the job searching adventure. I think I will be giving updates on the search till I find the right job. In the last post I talked about my frustration about the process of submitting an online resume and online job search websites.

Today I am discussing or more likely disgusted about online assessments.

Again this is something new to me. I am used to being tested on-site and in a face to face interview, not in my home.  Tests used to be about the job, not your personality, thinking skills or your IQ.

A couple of weeks ago I was asked to take an assessment for a job. This test took almost 2 hours of my time. RIDICULOUS!

I was applying for a call center inbound call position. The first part was 4 simulated calls that had a 3 part question, where I had to navigate the system correctly and give the correct verbal responses to questions. Each call was timed for my response. I was given less than 2 minutes to complete the navigation for a multiple step process and respond correctly to the questions. This part for me was simple and I did great. No big deal, I have done that type of stuff for 13 years.

The second part was a personality Q & A.  Which took almost 40 minutes to complete and had over 35 questions. Really, how much can they learn from these questions? Don’t they realize that most people lie on these things anyway and give response they think the company wants to hear?  Anyway…… I answered all questions honestly.  Again, no biggie, we’ve all taken those kind of tests.

The Third part was on critical thinking. Still a Q & A type of test this part had over 30 questions and it took 40 minutes or so. It was pretty easy. Some of these questions are just weird.


2 supervisors were having a contest.  The first supervisor said that John came in first and Sally was third.  The second supervisor said that Sally was first and Mike didn’t place at all.

Both supervisor are incorrect…….which statement is true?

  1. Sally was second and Mike was third
  2. John was second and Sally first
  3. Mike was first and Sally was second

This is nuts!!!! What kind of question is this? To me this was just logical thinking. If both supervisors are wrong then the only correct answer is “C”.

But seriously, who in their right mind comes up with these questions?

The fourth and final step of the assessment was about the job. This was a timed test to answer 20 questions in 10 minutes. That means I had 30 seconds to answer all the questions.

For each question they give you a graph that has codes and what the codes mean. There was 10 to 30 different codes for each graph. Some of the codes were alpha and numeric and some were just one or the other.

As soon as you clicked the next button, you have 30 seconds to read and understand the coding and then answer 4 different questions based upon the codes. All answers required more than 3 codes.  Crazy, I know.

Needless to say…….I failed this part of the assessment. There is no way my old school brain can comprehend the graph, codes and match the correct codes to a question in 30 seconds. I needed at least 90 seconds. My brain just doesn’t work like that, or that quick anymore.

The sad part is, I am not going to be given a chance to prove myself all because of a silly assessment that I know I could pass if it weren’t timed. This company will never know how good I could have been for them. They missed out, all because of a goofy test that truly does not measure my capabilities.

Thank goodness I haven’t come across that type of assessment since then. I have taken a few more but those have been pretty much routine.

I understand the purpose of these tests are to help weed out the unbelievable amount of idiots out there. It also hinders those that are qualified but don’t do well in a testing atmosphere.

Back in the day these types of questions were asked by the interviewer or manager. I guess that skill is no longer needed in the workforce. But this poses the question: If that skill is no longer needed then who is really smarter in the interview process?  You or the interviewer. Because if they don’t hold these skills, what are they looking for?

As you see the job search continues and each hoop I have to jump through gets me closer to an interview and a job….I hope.

I know one thing. This is a great learning opportunity I have. It is teaching me to embrace the ‘tech world’ and to be more open minded to new things.

Wish me luck. I am hoping the next segment on the job searching blog will be one that says, I have a job and I am on a new path.