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Guest Writer: Jennifer-Christmas Time Is Here

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Christmas time is here
Happiness and cheer
Fun for all that children call
Their favorite time of the year.

If you grew up in the 70’s, you probably recognize those lyrics from the beloved A Charlie Brown Christmas movie.  This simple song by Vince Guaraldi melts my heart every time I hear it.  It is not so much the little cartoon (though it is a great story of the true meaning of Christmas) that makes me wax nostalgic, but just the memories of a simpler time.

I have always been a pretty simple person.  I prefer Vanilla ice cream over Razzle Dazzle Berry Crunch.  I have worn the same fragrance for 10+ years.  I still have the comforter that my mom bought me in high school.  I use Ivory soap.  You get the drift.

The sound of those Peanuts kids singing the sweet Christmas song takes me back to when Christmas was just Christmas, not the fast-paced hoopla it is today. Our holiday was not jam-packed with extravagant parties, excessive shopping, and over-the-top decorating that began even before the Thanksgiving turkey left the table!  The song always brings to mind my own little family, my huge extended family, my church.  All those traditions we just called Christmas and did them out of love for Jesus and each other.

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My mom and dad did a fabulous job of “Keeping Christ in Christmas” even before it became a thing!  Not one gift was ever opened on Christmas morning until Dad read Luke 2.  We had one Christmas record that contained only carols.  No “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town” was ever heralded in our home! The entire holiday revolved around praising Jesus and helping others to do the same.  In a very real way it mimicked the very first Christmas where the angels, shepherds, and wise men worshiped Christ, the newborn king!  I am so grateful to my parents for instilling in me, that simple approach to this time of year.

I have so many other memories of Christmas, yet the simple ones remain my favorite.  My Aunt Brenda’s pumpkin cookies, Aunt Jane’s old fashioned decorations, Grandma Sherman’s house every Christmas Eve.  I can still hear the laughter, smell the ham, and feel the excitement of seeing all my cousins!  Christmas Eve was definitely crazy and loud, yet still quaint and…simple. The Christmas story was always read. A Charlie Brown Christmas was always watched by some of the kids.  Lots of hugs and “I love you’s” exchanged.  Lots and lots of simple happiness and cheer. Just the way I like it.

By Jennifer Michael

I am so glad Cousin Jennifer has decided to write another post for us. Thank you Jennifer for being a guest writer. I enjoy your perspective and writing skills. Can’t wait till the next one.

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Labor Day is coming up. The last long weekend for the summer. Summer is ending. It’s almost time to close up the pools, cover the grills, take out the A/C’s in the windows and put away the lawn furniture. So sad, I have had a great summer.

Soon we will have to turn our clocks back and lose some sleep. It’s almost time to start preparing for winter…YUCK!!! I know…..depressing isn’t it?

My favorite season is coming…autumn. I love this tiback fieldme of year. There is a briskness to the air. The fields have a fog/mist over them like a white blanket in the mornings. The temperature may be in the 80’s right now but the breezes can be cool. The temperature is perfect. It’s time for my favorite apparels, sweatshirts and jeans.

OSUFootball season is in full swing. Love my Saturdays watching my favorite college team play. Going to my brother’s house to watch the game and having some great food and having someone else yell with me at the TV. GO BUCKS!!!! That is The Ohio State football team for those of you that may not know my favorite team. Ranked #1. Whoo-hoo!!!

The local high school football season has already begun. I can set on my front yard and listen to the announcers with their calls of the game and hear the roar of the crowd when we score a touchdown. That brings a smile to my face, knowing how my little town supports its local school in a big way.

1619312_4762135307648_2954838144523423851_n (2)I love when the leaves begin to turn. My back yard begins to take on a new look. The leaves become a dark green before they begin to turn colors like red, yellow and orange.  My home town looks so pretty when the streets are lined with the different colors of trees. The fields that have trees are so beautiful with all their colors of the leaves and the fields with a golden hue from the corm or wheat. It can be breath-taking.

The smells of the season are amazing. When folks mow their lawns you get the fresh cut grass smell that wafts over my town. The fields being harvested and the smells of the dirt being turned over is beauty to my nose. There is a pureness in the air.

Autumn brings me back to my childhood. It reminds me of playing in the yard after school. Diving into piles of raked leaves. Hearing the leaves crinkle under my feet. Going to my Aunt and Uncles farm and playing with the animals, running around in the yard and trying to ride the English Sheep dog. That dog was huge.  I loved going to footballs games to watch my brother and cousins play. It reminds me of a simpler time in life.

What is your favorite season and why?