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6 Month Anniversary

6 month AnnivIt has been six months since I started blogging. I have enjoyed writing and coming up with things to share. It can be a struggle for me at times, I do enjoy the challenge blogging offers me.

Blogging is taking me out of my comfort zone. I am an introvert and sharing my world comes easy for the ones in my circle but to let the world in….well, that’s a new area for me. I appreciate all the great, supporting comments I have received. You, my friends, make it easier for me. It warms my heart knowing I have a new group of e-friends out there supporting me. You all are amazing.

Because of you, I have over 2,300 views, and almost 300 followers. I know this doesn’t sound like much in the blogging world, to me, it’s fantastic. I am so grateful for every person that is supporting my journey.

I really didn’t think anyone would read my blog. When I started I had one idea in mind that idea was to try and help my readers have a simpler life. Now that idea is growing into several ideas. Now I want to share my world with my photos, music and blogs. I still want to help you make things easier, but I also want to remind us all that we can still find happiness and peace in the mist of all our struggles. This is because of the support you have shown me these past 6 months.

Thank you for helping me gain some ideas and helping me develop what I/you want out of the blog.

I hope in the future, that while I am growing as a person and growing with the blog that I meet the standards you are looking for.Thank you

Thank you so much for showing your love, kindness, comments, and support. I would not have made it this far without you.

I would love to hear your suggestions or ideas. Please leave your ideas in the comments or e-mail at:

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Photo Update

Walnut Tree

Walnut Tree

I have added 30 or more photos to Fine Art America website. I hope you will take a look at my work.  Click the “Photo” tab at the top of the page to view my gallery.

I have entered a few photo contests. They are not for money or awards, just for fun.
I am  trying to use the contests to market my photos and myself.  I am trying to get my name out there a little bit and leaving my comfort zone. Its’ scary putting your product/brand out there for the world to judge.

Take a  look at the contests I have entered. You may have to sign up for Fine Art America to vote. There is no obligation to purchase anything. Please help a girl out.

This is the first contest:

The other contests do not start the voting till tomorrow. You can check them out under my profile page on Fine Art America website, listed as “Contest” then participating contests.

Thanks for your help. Thanks for supporting me and reading the blog. You all are fantastic.

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4 Steps To Help With Empty Nesting

empty nest

Graduation ceremonies are over and graduation parties have been cleaned up. Now it is time to start planning for our kids to go off to college. Time for us parents to figure out what we are going to do when our child leaves home.

Scary thoughts come to mind. For us single mom’s our kids’ lives has made us who we are today. We have made our kids the center of our world. All the other stuff like our jobs are things we have to do in order to be with our kids.

With them leaving home, our role is changing. What are we going to do without someone to take care of? Our helper is leaving us. What are going to do without 3-10 other teenagers in our homes on any given day? The questions and fears are real.

For some of us this transition will be really tough and others, not so much.

Here are a few things that I did to prep myself when my son went away to college. He was 2 states and an hour drive away. This was a huge transition for both of us.

Be prepared. Be prepared for stillness in your home. Get yourself ready for the quiet. That was the big one for me.

Be ready for the meals for one. Get ready for less cleaning and less laundry. I didn’t realize how dirty boys are till mine left.

Be prepared for the emotions you will go through and think about your reactions to those emotions.

All of those heartfelt conversations at midnight will be over. Sad I know. But I promise the conversations you will have when they come home to visit are amazing.

There will be no more arguments over chores, playing video games and chatting on the phone to much.

Some big changes are coming. Get ready.

Being mentally prepared takes some of the pressure off when things do come up.

Relax. This is not the end of the world. This is only a new chapter in your book. Remind yourself that this is good for my child.

Relax and enjoy the quiet in your home. Enjoy not having to clean so often or do laundry every day.

Remind yourself that you did everything you needed to do to raise your child.

This is the time to enjoy the things you may have missed out on.

Time to let your child shine on their own and show us we did well.

The more relaxed you are the easier it is for you.

Do something. Don’t set in the emotions or the loneliness. Get up and do something. You have been busy for your child, now do some things for you.

Get back into that hobby that was pushed to the side since you became a mom.

Visit your friends whenever you want. Have people over to your house. It will be a nice change from teenager conversations to adult conversations.

Reinvent yourself. Do something you have always wanted to do but didn’t because you had a child at home.

Think about the positives. Think about all the great things that will happen to your child. Their journey is new and I guarantee you they still need you. It’s just in a different way now.

Think about how your journey as a parent and how it has changed you.

Think about how nice it will be to be in the bathroom with them not bugging you. Or how nice it will be not to have that dreaded question….what’s for dinner?

Going to the refrigerator and realizing that the milk container is not empty and the left-overs are still there.

It’s a positive to be in your car and not have to turn down the radio or listen to whatever yucky music they were listening to the night before.

This is a fun time for both of you. Embrace the opportunities you have. You know your child is embracing this big new world and you can do the same.

Having your home empty is not a bad thing. It’s just a new thing. Enjoy it, relax and have some fun along the way.

I hope these suggestions will help you. Let me know what you think. I would love to hear from you.


6 Things You Didn’t Know About Me


Here I go. It’s time to step out of my comfort zone again.

I haven’t been blogging long. But I figured it’s time to start sharing more about myself, so you can get to know me better.

Here are some things that you may not know about me.

I love to organize. I have been organizing since I was a kid. My sister and I shared a room. I was always had the clean side. Sorry sis for throwing you under the bus.organize

Every toy, Barbie and doll baby had its home. My clothes always in the drawers or hanging in the closet. I still keep all my toys and clothes put away.

I like how I feel when everything has a home. I am a detailed organizer. I just don’t put something in a pile/drawer or box and say it’s done. Nope, I organize the box/drawer too.

One of my cousin’s tell me I am an anal organizer because I am so detailed. If I am planning a trip, I start packing at least a week in advance. I make a list of everything I need to pack. I will research restaurants and things to do (in that area) and print them off to take with me. Just so I know I have a back-up of things to do and places to eat in case something comes up.

I know, I am over the top with the organizing, but it sure has come in handy more times than not.

I love music. Especially music that I can sing to. I was raised with music. My mom and her sisters sang all the time, in church, at their homes, choirs, and for funerals. I was surrounded with

Music keeps me sane. It makes me feel good when I can sing along with a song or the music just uplifts me to a better place.

I don’t go a day without listening to some sort of music. It can be classis rock from the 70’s, some new alternative stuff or even my listening to my aunts/uncles recordings.

Music makes me emotional. I have set for hours and cried over the sweet sounds of my Aunts and Uncles voices. I have danced for hours (in the privacy of my own home) because music has given me so much joy I can’t sit still.

I appear to be a tough girl. I’m not. I am a big sissy and a cry baby. I come across that way because I don’t usually cry in public or speak when I am hurting. I just fall apart when no one can watch me. Lots of suffering in silence.

I am really a sensitive person. I get my feeling hurt easily. I never tell anyone that they hurt me. It’s easier this way, because no one else has to get hurt or feel bad.

I cry at Hallmark commercials, especially the Mother’s Day ones. I have even cried at Disney/Pixar movies. The last one was Big Hero 6, sobbed like a baby. I’m a sentimental crier too. If you cry, I am right beside you with Kleenex in hand.

I feel your pain when you are suffering. It hurts me deeply that someone has to go through any type of emotional roller coaster.

I love movies. Movies are my pastime. I love getting lost for 2 hours. I like trying to see the under lining of the story, or figuring out what the writer was ‘really’ telling us.movies

Movies help me relax. They can feed my emotional state of mind. Movies help me disconnect from reality for a while and help me forget the problems I have. Even though it’s for a short time, I feel better after I get lost for a couple of hours.

I am not your typical girl. I don’t care about brand names. I have 5 pairs of shoes, 3 purses, and very little jewelry. I don’t wear make-up, get my hair cut maybe 4 times a year and you will never catch me wearing a dress or skirt.

All those things really don’t matter to me. I am truly a “what you see is what you get” kind of person. No muss no fuss, that’s me. You will most likely see me in t-shirts, jeans and a baseball hat.

It’s just not about the outside appearance for me. I try and see people beyond the appearance. I don’t care what you are wearing (as long as it is clean) I want to get to know you. I hope people see that about me too.

I am very sentimental. I love my family and everyone in it. Each family member has touched my life in some way. Because of that I have decorated my house in memorabilia. I only have a few items hanging on my walls that are not family related. I love my keepsakes. I am reminded every time a look at my walls that I have loved so many people and they loved me. The keepsakes remind me that family is the most important thing in life. If you don’t have family you have nothing….in my opinion.

I have clocks that my Grandpa D gave me, crystal from my mom and Grandma D. I have trinkets from Aunts, Mom and grandparents. Blankets that were made by Aunts and photos that I look at weekly.

These items are my family and who they are/were. I love being surrounded by these items. It reminds me to follow in their footsteps. I feel their love even though most of them are passed.


That wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be. I hope that you feel like you are getting to know me better.

I want to hear your feedback. Please let me know something about you or leave a comment about the blog.


Leaving MY Comfort Zone

Leaving Comfort Zone


I have been in customer service most of my life, over 30 years. It’s the only thing I know, or so I think. I am what the world considers uneducated because I do not have a degree.

I am 4? years old and I am at a crossroads for my life. I am single and my 24 year old son lives with me. I have no job, no income at this time and I have decisions to make, very soon.

I really don’t like big changes. I find comfort in a routine that is simple. But, here I am. I realize that this transition I am in is huge. Changes are bound to happen and my simple routines are going to be gone.

When I lost my job of 14 years about 8 months ago, I thought, oh great another crappy thing I have to go through and had a pity party for myself. That lasted about a month. Then I thought ok, this is a great. I am no longer stressing over ‘that’ job, because it turned into bad job and was causing me to be sick the last 3 years.

I thought that this is my one opportunity to take the time and really think things through and figure out what I want/need to do next with my life. I have some money saved up, I can afford to take the time to ‘get myself together’.

Then I thought this is a great time to have a real vacation because I hadn’t had a vacation is over 20 years. So I took off and visited some family, which was fantastic. I loved every minute I was with them. I was relaxed, I laughed, slept great, and had some of the best conversations.

During my vacation time, I got my house organized. I mean really organized. I cleaned out every drawer, closet and room. I even organized my CD collection, got all my photos in order and organized all my paper work. That took me a month or so and it felt wonderful to have the time that we are all missing to actually get some things accomplished.

Since I was a teenager, I thought it would be great to write about something. I sat down and wrote my first book:” How To Plan A Simple Family Reunion”. That felt so good to put pen to paper and I placed it with Amazon to start selling.

I knew it wasn’t going to be a best seller, but nonetheless, it felt great and I was able to mark off something from my bucket list.

I have wanted to start a blog for over a year but never got it started because I didn’t have the time or better yet, too lazy, too scared to do it. After a few months visiting family, friends, writing a book and getting organized I realized I have nothing to do and I am not ready to go back to work because I still don’t know what I want/need.

Since I have the time, I figured this was another opportunity to do something I wanted. After a couple of months researching blogs and coming up with a name, I released the Mother of Necessity blog.

The blog has been running for little over 3 months. I think it’s doing well, especially since I am not a dot com but a dot net. I am harder to find and search for.

I get so much joy from writing the blogs. It’s a challenge sometime to come up with a topic that is not shallow, which I have posted a couple of those just for fun. I love the comments some of my fans have left. I feel like I am contributing to the world in this manner. I love it. Now if I could only find a way to really make a living off this. That’s one of my big questions I have for this journey I am on.

I really have a passion for this kind of outlet. Writing a blog is a great way to reach so many is such a short time. I really want to help. I know if I struggle with the everyday stuff we all have to go through, I can’t be alone. I may not always have the answers but I can try to help.

I guess I still have that customer service in me. I am looking for a new way to be a better customer service representative.

Blogging is my outlet. I get so much happiness writing and it gives me that chance to help others.

It feels so good to write, I wrote a second book: “Making Decisions”. Still knowing that this was not going to be a best seller, but again, it felt great.

So here I am. Trying to find my way. Researching new jobs outside of customer service, researching new avenues to make a living and researching myself and who I am and what I want/need.

I am realizing that my new path is just around the corner and that my comfort zone will soon be a memory. I am excited, challenged and terrified in this journey. I am discovering new things about myself, some I don’t like and others I am blessed to have discovered.

I truly believe that blogging and writing some simple books is part of my journey. I am grateful for all my readers who have decided to tag along in this journey of mine. I am humbled by you (readers/followers) and your comments. You bring me joy and a purpose.

I know this is not my typical blog post, but my heart was telling me to write about my journey.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post and if you have any questions or suggestions, please leave a comment or you can e-mail me at: if you don’t want your comment/suggestion to be public.