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50 Things I Need To Get Rid Of In My Home

trash can

We all need less clutter in our homes. I have down-sized my home a few times. Generally when I move, need some cash or just sick of looking at all the junk. It’s time to do it again.

This time I am taking on a new approach. I am going to tackle each room and closet with the intent to only keep the things I truly need and keep the things that make me happy. I want everything in my home to bring me joy. The rest is history.

I will make a sell, trash and donate piles for each task I tackle. As soon as that task is completed I will make sure the trash is taken out, the donate pile will be taken to my organization of choice and my sell pile will be tagged and ready to go for those selling websites or a garage sale.

I know this will take me a while to complete. The end result will be a less cluttered home and I will feel a sense of relief to have these things in my house no longer weighing me down. My home will be a happy place.

Here is my checklist of things I will be getting rid.

  1. Out dated food and spices. That even means that foil wrapped item that’s been in my freezer for a year (whatever it may be). If I don’t use the spice on a regular basis it’s gone.
  2. Mugs/coffee cups. How many do I really need when it’s just me and ‘The Kid’ in the house? We don’t even drink coffee.
  3. Kitchen utensils. Will I really use 3 whisks and 2 sets of measuring cups at one time?
  4. Pots/pans and baking dishes. I don’t need all those baking dishes. I don’t bake.
  5. Kitchen gadgets. I have never used my blender. It’s time to go.
  6. How many serving platers does one person need? Do I really need that chip/dip set that has Christmas decor on it, when I have a nice everyday set? The Christmas set has to go.
  7. I need to get rid of that bag full of twist ties in the junk drawer. I think I have used one out of that bag since I started my collection. Time for the trash.
  8. Left over containers. I need to get rid of those bowls that have no lids, or lids that have no bowls.
  9. Magnets on the fridge. I don’t need 20. Maybe 3-4 just to hang notes or invite reminders.
  10. Grocery bags. I don’t need 50 plastic bags in the house. Maybe 10 bags. I think I will put the rest in my garage sale pile so I have bags for the customers to carry home their goodies.
  11. Chip clips. There’s usually one or two bags in the house. I don’t need 6 of those things and a clothes pin works great too.
  12. Take out menus. Most places have their menus online.
  13. Why do I keep those rugs that I trip over every day? GONE!!!
  14. Old make-up. If I haven’t used it, it needs to go. Even the new stuff. If I haven’t used it in a few weeks….Gone.
  15. Nail polish. If it’s dried up or I don’t like the color, time for the trash.
  16. Hair products/shampoo. If I don’t like it or it didn’t work, get rid of it.
  17. I have got to get rid of those stretched out hair bands and those awful clips.
  18. Why do I have 6 old used tooth brushes? Keep one and store it with the cleaning supplies to get those hard to reach places.
  19. I have to get rid of all those samplers. I don’t need 6 tiny shampoo bottles, and 6 of those tiny soaps.
  20. Old or broken curling irons and straighteners, blow-dryers and electric razors. Trash time.
  21. Anything that is too big, too small, too ugly, I don’t like, or haven’t worn in the last season, they are out of here.
  22. Belts and purses. If the belts are broken, worn out, ugly or never worn they are history. If I haven’t used the purse in a year….Gone.
  23. Socks and panty hose. I have to get rid of those unmatched and holey socks. There is no reason to have 10 pairs of panty hose in a drawer that I haven’t worn in over a year.
  24. Under garments. Time to let go of those personable items I no longer wear or like.
  25. Sheets/blankets and pillows. 2 sets of sheets for each bed is enough. There is no reason that I should have 6 extra bed pillows and blankets that I have never used.
  26. Why do I still have a pair of shoes from the 90’s? Out of fashion, no longer like, or just ugly…time for a new home.
  27. Jackets and coats. Great time of the year to donate these items. Time to let go of that coat that is 2 sizes too small.
  28. Hats/gloves and scarves. Do I really need 7 winter scarves, 8 pairs of gloves and 4 winter hats? Time to downsize those too. Just going to keep 2 of each for variety.
  29. I need one for each car and an extra one just in case. That makes three. Time to let the other 3 go.
  30. Time to let go of that one earring that I have don’t have the match to. Time to release my out dated necklaces. If they are the good stuff I may have to take them to get melted down for cash.
  31. Board games/card games. If I haven’t pulled the game out in a year…’s gone. And why do I have 6 decks of playing cards?
  32. If I still have any, they are out of here.
  33. If I haven’t read it in 6 months, I probably won’t read it. DONATE. If I have read it why am I holding on to it? I will give away to family members or donate them.
  34. I like my movies but I really need to get rid of some. Time to go through those and lighten my load. If I haven’t watched in the past year I will get rid of it.
  35. Merchandise boxes. If the warranty is expired there is no need for the box. If I have the receipt, there is no need for the box.
  36. Any empty box, recycle or use for garage sale or donate piles.
  37. Old cell phones…..DONATE
  38. Pens/pencils/markers. I have a shoe box full of this stuff. I will only keep a few good working pens, a couple of pencils and one good marker. Just enough to keep in my desk drawer.
  39. Paper work. Keep only the last 7 years of my taxes and such. The rest will be shredded.
  40. Office supplies. I don’t need push pins or thumb tacks. I don’t need 15 tablets or a 600 post it notes. I don’t need a paper punch or 10 blank folders. They all have to go. Why do I have staples and no stapler?
  41. Out dated calendars.
  42. Magazines/catalogs. If I have read them, I no longer need them.
  43. Eye glasses. I have a collection of these too. I HAVE to donate these.
  44. Out dated phone books. Shoot, I really don’t need any phone books. Almost every business phone number can be found online.
  45. Old electronics. I don’t use that old hand-held Tetris game anymore. Why do I still have that outdate software? I have no use for a VCR either. Why am I keeping that broken set of head phones? I have no use for those box speakers. I can’t remember the last time I listened to that boom box. Why do I have so many cords that don’t belong to anything?  All gone.
  46. Luggage/duffel bags.  I don’t need 3 carry on suitcases. Really!!!! I have 6 duffle bags, WHY?
  47. Holiday decorations. If I haven’t used it for the season, there is no reason for me to keep it.
  48. If my project is done, then I need to get rid of the supplies. If I haven’t completed the project in the past 6 months, I will never finish it. Time to go.
  49. Wall décor. If I don’t like it or it doesn’t bring a smile to my face….it’s gone
  50. Knick-Knacks. Why am I cluttering up my house with things I don’t like?

That’s my list. I’m sure I have missed a few things. Maybe you can use my list to help you find your joy in your home.

Tell me some of the things you want to get rid of in your home.

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The Mighty Clothespin: 20 New Uses

Photo by: Mother Of NecessityPhoto by: Mother Of Necessity

I have been thinking about objects that I use almost every day and different ways I can use them. This week I was hanging clothes on the line because it has been beautiful here in Ohio and I love the smell my clothes have when they dry outside. So refreshing and I am saving energy and money.

I thought it would be a great blog to write about the many uses for the mighty clothespin. These ideas will be based on the spring-loaded clothespin.

  1. Use 2 clothespins to hang your skirts on a hanger. This way your skirt won’t fall off the floor or have fold marks on your skirt. You can do this with dress slacks, tank tops and strappy dresses too.
  1. They are great to use several on a hanger to hold your scarves or ties.
  1. Keep bagged food items fresh and secure. Just roll up the bad and put a clothespin on it. This is great for freezer bags as well.
  1. Clothespins are great for parties/reunions/picnics: use them to hold your table cloth in place.
  1. Glue a small magnet on a clothespin and place it on your refrigerator to keep your grocery list on or leave notes for the family.
  1. Use 2 clothespins to secure your trash bag to the trash can. Just clip the bag to the lip of the trash can and Ta Dah…. the bag will never fall into the can again.
  1. Use one or two to hold sheet music or songbook open while practicing.
  1. While in the kitchen clip a clothespin to your shirt tail or waist along with a dish towel and you will always have a towel at your disposal when cooking. Also great for project that may be messy.
  1. If you are traveling, pack a few in your suitcase. Use them to secure the curtains are closed so you won’t have that crack of sunlight or a streetlight in your face. Also good to keep the peepers away.
  1. Attach a dryer sheet to a clothespin. This way that dyer sheet doesn’t end up lost forever, in your pant leg or the sleeve of your shirt. Also a great way to reuse the dryer sheet till it is no longer good.
  1. When you are prepping for errands, use a clothespin to keep your chore list, grocery or shopping list in your purse. It’s easy to locate and organized.
  1. Put a clothespin on your sun visor in the car. You can keep your debit card handy, chore list or schedule.
  1. Use a clothespin to hold a nail in place as you hammer. This way you will save those fingers and thumbs from being smashed.
  1. They are great for craft ideas. Simple and easy to paint. Just use your imagination and have fun.
  1. If you are a city dweller and your mailbox is attached to your home, use a clothespin to secure your outgoing mail to the mailbox.
  1. Use as a bookmark and keep your place. These are great for the kids. They can decorate their own with markers or pain.
  1. Use clothespins to store your gloves and mittens. Just clip the matching pair together and they are ready to use the next season.
  1. Planning a party or event that requires name cards for the tables. Use clothespins…paint them a color that coordinates with your theme place them on their side or stand them up and put your name card in the clip.
  1. Paint clothespins brown or green and use them on your outdoor lighting project for the shrubs and trees.
  1. Christmas card display. Buy some nice ribbon and secure in a doorway, staircase, fireplace or mantel. Paint the clothespin to match the ribbon and attach your cards to the ribbon with the clothespins. Simple, easy inexpensive decoration.


What are some ways you use the might clothespin?


9 Different Ways to Use A Laundry Basket

Photography:  Mother Of Necessity

Photography: Mother Of Necessity

We all have at least one laundry basket in our homes. We typically use it for its purpose….laundry.

Did you know a laundry basket has more than one use?  Laundry baskets are inexpensive and have many uses. Here are a few ideas.

  1. Put a basket in the trunk of your car to hold your tools, windshield washer fluid, and extra oil. You can put Velcro strips on the bottom to keep the basket from sliding around in the trunk.
  2. Keep your flip flops and sandals in a basket. You can keep the basket in the entry way or mud room. When the season is over you can pick up the basket and store.
  3. If you live in a two-story home or have a basement, use a basket to carry items up and down the stairs. This way you won’t have to make so many trips.
  4. Keep a basket handy to do those quick pickups in the house, especially if you have company coming and you need de-clutter quickly. Fill the basket and hide it away. Mess is gone.
  5. Keep a basket in the entry way or mud room for the winter. All those wet, snowy, muddy shoes can be put in the basket to save you from mopping so much.
  6. Use laundry baskets for the garage or shed to store sports equipment: baseballs, gloves, cleats, helmets and gloves. Use one basket for each sport.
  7. Use the baskets to sort your recyclables.
  8. Use a laundry basket as a gift basket. For a baby shower, fill it with diapers, a blanket, baby bottles, and so on, put a nice big bow on top. A basket is a great gift idea for a wedding, bridal shower, graduation or a house warming.
  9. Use a basket for your projects. If you are making a quilt, a sewing project or crafts with the kids, you can keep all your items needed in the basket. This way you can put the project in the basket and store away till the next time.

Do you have any other ideas for the use of laundry basket?  Please share.

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7 Steps To Organize Your Purse

purseThis one is for all the ladies. We all have that one accessory that we don’t leave home without. That is our purse. Our purse is an extension of ourselves.  It holds our phone, money, credit cards, insurance cards, pictures, make-up, comb/hair brush, mints, tissues, pen/paper and identification. Our purses have our lives in them.
Is your purse as organized as you or is everything just dumped in? If you are the organized one, then congratulations you are ahead of the rest of us ladies. But, if you have that unorganized purse, I’m here to help. YAY!!!

Here are 7 simple steps to get your purse in order.

  1. Find a good work station, such as a table or the floor if you have one of those large purses. Now dump everything out of your purse.
  2. Now throw away any trash, like reminders, receipts you no longer need, used tissues, candy wrappers, whatever is trash…throw it out.
  3. Pare down. Gum or mints, you really don’t need both. Cut down on the lip sticks you have maybe carry an all-purpose lipstick instead of 4 different shades. Only carry a couple of credit cards that you use all the time.
  4. If you can’t pare down, try putting your make-up in a zip-lock bag or better yet a nice make-up bag. This way it’s easy to get to and it’s all in one place. You can use this idea for those emergency chocolates or anything you need to keep separate or are hard to find.
  5. Now arrange your purse. Put large items in the main pocket, such as your wallet. Use the zip pockets to keep those personable items or items you don’t use often. Use the small pouches to keep a credit card handy or maybe a few pieces of chocolate.
  6. Get in the habit of storing your items in the designated places
  7. Purge your purse weekly to help keep it organized

Here are a few tips:

After you have organized your purse you may find you should be carrying a smaller one. This way the smaller purse won’t hold as much and you won’t be tempted to stuff it full.

Make photo copies of credit cards and insurance cards, Keep the copies in a safe place in case your purse is stolen or lost.

Never carry your Social Security card in your purse.

When you dump your purse to purge, wipe out the inside with a damp cloth. Most purses can be turned inside out for better cleaning. A clean purse leads to an organized purse.

Please share if you have any suggestions, tips or things you do to organize your purse.


4 Tips for a Rummage/Garage/Yard Sale

yard sale


Spring cleaning is done, the garage and shed have been cleaned out. Winter tools and clothes are put away. Now it’s time to tackle those boxes, bags and totes full of stuff you don’t know what to do with.

It’s time for a rummage/garage/yard sale. What better way to make some extra money for your summer then to have a sale. Another great way to de-stress by letting go.  It’s time to get rid of those boxes and make things feel fresh in your home.

My mom and aunts are/were the garage sale queens. From buying at sales to having them. My mom has a sale every year. She has been doing this for over 30 years. She has regular customers that can’t wait to look for those good finds. Generally they find them at moms.

My mom is great at setting a sale up. She has had many years of experience and has taught me how to do the same. Since I can remember I’ve have always helped. When I was old enough 8-9 years old, I was in charge of the money. She taught me how to make change. There’s a lost art in today’s world.

She taught me and showed me everything she knows about having a garage/yard sale.

Here are few helpful tips.

Prepping: Having a sale takes time, lot of time. Make sure you have time set aside to do the following. Get your tables, hanging racks (these can be makeshift). You will need bags for you customer’s purchases. Newspapers to wrap breakables in. You will need a cash box or something secure to keep your money in. You will also need startup money to make change. Get your signs and make sure you have your permit to have a sale in town.

Pricing: You will need to go through your items. Make sure items are clean, not dust or grime. Make sure everything works. If it doesn’t work either trash it or make a “FREE” box. You will be surprised how many people will take this stuff off your hands.

Price every item and price it as if you are buying from someone else. Don’t price it high just because you paid a lot for it 15 years ago. Price your stuff to sell. The more you sell the more you make. Don’t price items as if they are on e-bay. This is not E-bay it’s your garage/yard. The intent is to make a little cash not for these things to go back into the house.

Pricing has to be fair. If you’re not sure what price, ask a few friends. Look it up on E-bay and drop the price from what E-bay is selling it for. Be sensible.

Setting up: Make each table a theme. Such as, glassware, nick-knack’s, boys’ clothes, electronics, tools or books. People like it organized as if they were in a store.

If you have a clothing rack, separate by men/women. Make sure your shirts are on hangers. Most shoppers won’t purchase a shirt if it’s folded. Easier shopping this way.

Set larger items up front so people driving by are intrigued. It’s an eye catcher. More people will stop and shop.

Sales over: When you sale is done, it’s time to clean up. Hopefully you had a great sale and there’s not too much to clean up.

If items didn’t sell this is the time to think about what you are going to do with the left-overs. For me, I had the sale to get things out of my house and to make some money. So, if it didn’t sell, I box it all up and donate the rest. This way I have made some money and others can benefit from the things I didn’t sell. It’s a win, win situation.

If you don’t want to donate and you think you will have another sale in the future, you do have the option to put back into the house for storage till the next time. That is if you have room to store. The good part is you won’t have to price these items. One less step.

If you know of a family member or friend that is going to have a sale soon you can always ask them if you can add your leftovers in their sale.

These are just a few tips to help you get starting with a garage/yard sale. I hope they have helped.