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4 Weekend Ideas

We all get a little bored on weekends. Doing the same old stuff or not knowing what to do. I thought I would help you out. Here are some ideas you might enjoy.

board games Childhood Weekend:  Think about your childhood and plan some fun activities. This will be fun for the adults and the kids. It’s time to unplug and just relax having fun.

Have a game night. Invite your friends over. Have them bring one board or card game. You can make this a pot-luck meal too or order some pizzas. Have fun playing games.

Go to the park and play on the equipment. Bring your friends. Take pictures, Have a picnic.

Play in the yard. Get some yard games, invite friends or family over and play till it’s dark.

Go to the zoo, a water park, play miniature golf (Putt-Putt). Visit your local aquarium.  How about mid-night bowling, that’s always fun and entertaining for all.

Go to a county fair or festival. How about a flea market or a few garage sales. Go to a car/truck or bike show.

lazyLazy Weekend: Use this weekend to re-coop or have a mini-vacation at home. Treat yourself.

When you get off work on Friday, Go to the grocery store and pick up just the things you want/need for the weekend. Then go to your favorite restaurant and order 3 meals for take-out. One for Friday night, the second one for Saturday and the third for Sunday.

If you want turn your phone off and set in front of the TV, watch movies or get caught up on your shows. Just relax. No cooking, no clean-up…just you and the things you enjoy.

Another option for a lazy weekend is to do little as possible. If you have to get something done, do it first thing in the morning. This way you have the rest of the day to relax.

If you don’t want to be alone, invite a friend to share in your laziness. No fuss, no muss. RELAX!!!

I really don’t think I need to tell you how to be lazy. I think we all have that one under control.

The point here is to really be selfish and do something or nothing just for you. Take a break and relax. Make an appointment with yourself.

paintProject Weekend: Mark your calendar and plan for that project you have been putting off because every weekend is a party or social event. Make the time to get some things done.

Organize your electronics: sort those selfies and photos so they are easier for you to find. Get those photos off your phone and load them to your computer so you can easily print them off or use one of those print sites like, Shutterfly or Snapfish.

Organize your electronic documents. I don’t like doing this one either but it needs to be done.

Have you been putting off redecorating that room? This is the time to get that project done.

Why not make a project to visit family for the weekend. I’m sure they would love to see you and you will enjoy the time as well.

Haven’t given the apartment or house a good cleaning, this is the time.

Fix the broken drawer in the kitchen. Fix the screen door. Try and fix what you can to save money.

Take those charity boxes to your local facility.

You get the idea. If you have been putting off ANY project, big or small, here’s your opportunity.

Make a list and get it done.

place settingNew Adventure Weekend:  I’m not talking about sky-diving or anything like that. Let’s do something we’ve always wanted to do but never have.

Have you ever wanted to pet a cow or a goat? Go to a petting zoo and pet as many animals as you want.

Never been bowling? Here’s your chance.

Have you ever thrown a dinner party? Why not now and use your friends as guinea pigs with a new recipe.

Go someplace you have never been. For instance a festival or an antique shop. Go hiking for the first time.  Go to a car show.

Visit a museum you have not been to. Go to a historical spot in your state. Be a tourist in your home town.

This is your time to do something that you have never done. Go small and simple this way you are not over whelmed.

Let me know how you plan on spending your weekend.