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Do you hold a grudge?

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I haven’t done this type of post in a while. I have been working on this issue with myself over the past year and thought I would share my thoughts. I hope it will help you too.

I am far from a guru on this matter but I too have held (hold) a grudge(s).  I have held grudges toward my ex, family members, co-workers and even my own son.

I have to say, that is not a happy place to be in. A grudge interferes with my thoughts toward that person and it hinders having good thoughts.

Let’s just put it out on the table. We all have or have carried a grudge before. It has not done of us any good. We are not the winners if we hold a grudge. We are limiting ourselves of others love. We cannot love someone fully if we hold a grudge. We cannot forgive completely if we hold a grudge. We cannot free ourselves of the wrong doings/saying of someone else. A grudge ties us down and we cannot grow.

WOW!!! Another therapy session (for me).

It’s simple to put away that grudge that has been holding you pack. If the grudge is from a family member or loved one….drop it. It’s not worth the energy. You are not allowing love to come through. Your family loves you and always will even during the bad times. I promise, if you drop that grudge on the floor and sweep it away, you will feel lighter and you will be able to see and feel the love from others.  I personally have done this with many loved ones. Still need to work on one or two. But still moving forward.

If the grudge you hold is from an ex. I’m not asking you to forget about the wrong doings. But you sure can let that stuff go. This one was tough for me, but I did it.  When you are consumed with a grudge you limit yourself from seeing any good in a person, even if it is the ex. You can’t move on. Remember there was a reason you were in that relationship in the first place. Remember the good and let the other stuff go.

I know it sounds simple, because it is. It’s just that switch in our heads that needs to be turned on again to let the love and kindness back in.

I bet, you never thought you would be that ‘mean’ person towards anyone. But here we are doing just that. Not allowing ourselves to be free of the bad.

I am preaching to myself too.  Just drop it and let it go. Stop the tug of war between your thoughts and what is right. If you drop the rope then the bad thoughts tumble to the floor. That leaves you still standing tall and not in the mud.

It is no longer worth our time and energy. We are better than that. We were taught better than that. So let’s just do what we all know is the right thing to do……drop the grudge and move on.

Let’s start being happy again. Let’s start letting others love us. Let’s start loving others. Free your heart and mind of grudges because no one wins.