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Guest Writer: Cousin Jennifer

I thought I would try something a little different by asking one of my cousins to write a blog post.

Introducing Cousin Jennifer. She is a beautiful and entertaining writer.

When I wrote about my “Amazing” cousins a couple of months ago, I mentioned Jennifer. She is the cousin that has struggled the past two years with brain tumors and 2 brain surgeries in one year. Jennifer is still on her road to a full recovery but is doing great. She is working again and discussing going back to school to finish her nursing degree. Jennifer is amazing and so resilient.

I know you will enjoy this post. I sure did.

Please leave comments if you want more of Jennifer’s insights and writings. I know I do.

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 They Call Me Loquacious*  By: Jennifer

I was always a curious child.  I talked too much.  Asked tons of questions.

This usually caused my teacher, mother, father, babysitter, or playmate to roll their eyes more than a few times per day.  I could tell when I had crossed the line, but it rarely stopped me.

My mom was daily singing the old song “You Talk Too Much” by Joe Jones. I have always wondered why that seemed to be her favorite song. Weird.

I like to think it was a passion for knowledge and not just the “gift of gab” that prompted me to manipulate every conversation.  If I didn’t understand, I asked.  If I didn’t agree, I let you know.  If you started a discussion on any topic I would add my expertise.  I thought you wanted it, you brought it up!

I have been told that I am a “plethora of useless knowledge.”  I tend to disagree with the useless part. Why isn’t it useful to know that a scorpion sting can cause pancreatitis?  Won’t you avoid scorpions now?

Didn’t you always want to know there are over 13,000 forks, knives, and spoons in the White House?  Wait, is that 13,000 each, or combined? Facts like that could help explain our national deficit!

Who doesn’t find it fascinating that 1000 birds a year die from smashing into windows?  Speaking of birds, did you know the owl is the only bird that can see the color blue? Blue used to be my favorite color, now it’s green.

Don’t you feel smarter now that you know all that? I’m only trying to help.

People always ask how I know so many silly facts.  I read…a lot.  I also have the ability to remember what I’ve read on the back of the Cheerio’s box 2 years ago.  Just don’t ask me to remember what I need at Target if I forget my list!

Each of us will be remembered for some quirky thing we do. I will be thought of every time you open a bottle of Snapple. Oh, you weren’t aware there is a trivia factoid on the inside of each cap? Well, I did.

You should sit beside me on a plane, at jury duty, or stand with me in line at the store. I don’t really mind if you’re a stranger. It’s actually better! You’re a blank canvas for my ramblings, and you never avoid me since you don’t know just how much I like to talk. Strangers are my favorite kind of people. No, old friends who know how I am and yet still choose to spend time with me, they are definitely my favorite.


  1. Talking or tending to talk much or freely; talkative; chattering; babbling
  2. Characterized by excessive talk; wordy

(Thank you to my cousin, Shelly, for asking me to be a guest blogger today! This was just as much fun as talking!)