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My Journey: Job Searching- Face To Face Interviews



In the last post I had for my job search included phone interviews. Which was a new process for me to go through. The calls went well and I was invited to have face to face interviews with both companies.

I was very excited for this step. This is something I am sort of comfortable with. I know the routine and am prepared for the ‘company’ questions….or so I thought.

Do you remember the young man that I spoke about with the phone interviews…you know the one that sounded like Eeyore. My appointment was for 5:00 pm. I showed up early and realized that it is a job fair.

I couldn’t believe that after all the hoops I jumped through to get this interview, I am setting at a job fair.

I am prepared for my face to face interview, not mentally prepared to go through the online assessments again and to fill out yet another application.

I finally get to a one on one with a real person. This is when I realized that this is NOT the company for me.

They asked me questions that had nothing to do with my work history, their company or the position. I have already passed their personality, critical thinking, and IQ assessments. There was no need to continue on that path of questioning.

The company is almost a 2 hour drive one way. They pay was descent and they had good benefits. But I just can’t bring myself to work for a company that is redundant in their hiring process and is not truthful. (No one informed me, my interview process would be a job fair). That tells me it’s even a bigger issue in house. I can’t compensate for the long commute. I would have no free time.

I would have to move to a bigger city and pay higher rent for a smaller place just to make ends meet.

There were too many bad things about this company. I just don’t feel good taking a job there.

I have been declined for other jobs, but this is the first one I have turned down. I feel relived and I know it was the right decision for me.

The second interview was a couple of days later. I am totally prepared for anything on this interview.

I arrive 15 minutes early and sign in. I find a seat and start to review my notes about the company and review my resume. A young woman sat across from me and she engaged me with some questions. At first I thought maybe this is their process to meet me and see what I am like.

I found out she was interviewing for a position and has been an employee for the past 6 years.  This is good for me. It tells me this company likes to hire within. It gave me a chance to ask her questions too. I liked what she was telling me.

A gentleman came to the door and called my name.  Here we go. Time to put on my game face.

The gentleman led me down a hallway into an office where another woman greeted me.

They wasted no time getting started with their questions. Some questions were routine and others not so much. Great questions and they were related to the job.

I was able to show my personality a little bit and they were laughing with me. I was given the opportunity to shine over my work knowledge and they gave me a chance to impress them.

Now that’s how an interview is supposed to go.

At the end, I got the impression they liked me. I made them laugh and they both had genuine smiles on their faces.

I was very comfortable in this interview. It’s been 14 years since I have had a face to face interview. Very scary and intimidating.

I like this company a lot. I would be doing something completely different than customer service. I would only have a 30 minute commute one way. I wouldn’t have to work weekends. Descent benefits. Insurance starts on day one. The down side is, the pay. It’s just not quite there.

I have some thinking to do. But I am grateful for the learning journey I have been on lately. I am learning new things about myself and what is important to me.

The journey continues till I have a job. Wish me luck.