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Music Is My Life-Savor

 life savor

As you already know, I am a music fan. But I bet you didn’t know that music is my ‘go-to’ drug of choice when I am having a bad or an emotional day.

Yep, I have bad days too and I do have those days where I am an emotional wreck. Music is what saves me from going insane and it picks me up. Music changes my attitude.

When I was fighting for my marriage to work (which was a losing battle) I turned to music to help me. I was a stay at home mom with a 7 year old. No job, no friends except family. I was young, naive and thought my marriage was worth fighting for. One of the most difficult times I have gone through.

Here is the album that I wore out. Shanya Twain: Come on Over.  I listened to this every day for almost 6 months. The music kept me sane and helped me fight when I didn’t have the energy.

When my ex had custody papers served to me, It was a shock. This was another time where music saved me. This was the time when the Disney movie Tarzan came out and I heard this song.

This song helped me fight for a year and half. This song made me realize that no matter what the outcome was, there was nothing that could take away the love I have for my son.  As you know, I won that custody battle. My son has been by my side for 24 years. I am blessed.

Those days where I am feeling emotional like to listen to my family music. Weather I am thinking about my grandma, my aunts/uncles or cousins that have passed I love listening to the music that started it all for me.

Music caslms

This is one song my aunts are singing. Keep in mind the quality is not the best since I am not a professional in converting cassettes to digital.

Hearing their voices makes me happy. It reminds me of my childhood and how great it was. My family’s music brings me peace when my emotions are all over the place.

Here are my top 4 albums I listen to. I listen to them to clean my house, relax or just went I want to sing my heart out.  I like to sing so these are my top 4 because I can sing every song.  J

The Baby’s:

Little River Band:

David Phelps: Revelation: (I couldn’t find the full album to listen to but here’s my favorite from the album.

Beth Hart: 37 Days:

Tell me your vice that helps you get through our tough times.

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