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Today is a new day….I will be glad and rejoice in it

Photo by: Mother Of Necessity

Photo by: Mother Of Necessity

Have you ever had one of those days/weeks where you feel overwhelmed? Not because things are awful or something bad happened but because you just feel that way.

I know that feeling too. It’s tough to pinpoint what your body/mind is telling us.

Are we stressing over a job or the lack there of? Are we worried about our parents/children or loved ones? Are we financially strapped? Are we too focused on our own careers? Are we stressing over things we can’t control?  Is life getting in the way of our joy? Are we letting the little flaws of life get to us?

These are my questions I have been asking myself lately. The simple response is: “YES”. I know I am not alone in this and I know everyone has had there day of feeling overwhelmed.

I have come to the conclusion that it’s ok to feel overwhelmed (on occasion) but it’s not ok to focus on it. The feeling of being overwhelmed is just our body and minds letting us know that we need to slow down and enjoy the moment or day.

You know the saying: Don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s true. It’s the little things that can either drive us crazy or we can enjoy the little things that life gives us.

We have a choice: Either dwell in the things that overwhelm us or find the joy.

I am choosing to find the joy and not let the feelings overwhelm me.

I am going to start a new practice.  This is my plan, because I always have a plan or need a plan.

First:  When I wake up I am going to list 3 things I am thankful/grateful for.

Second: In the afternoon I am going to list 3 things that make me happy.

Third: Before I go to bed I am going to list 3 things that brought a smile to my face that day.

I will use these as reminders that all is not lost and there is joy in my day. If I can find joy, even from the smallest thing, then I had a good day. This should help my stress level and hopefully I will not have that overwhelming feeling again. Or at least not so much.

There is a Bible verse that I remember as a kid. There is even a song about it. My cousin reminded me of this verse/song and I think it resonates for this post.

Psalms 118:24 – This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.

It’s a simple verse but has a huge impact. We need these reminders that what we are going through is temporary and things will always look different in the morning.

As one of my Aunts told her children: “Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning”.

Tomorrow is a new day with new choices. Let’s all rejoice and be glad for a new day.

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Adventure: Job Searching-Frustration

job searchIt’s been 14 years since I had to look for a job. I am amazed how things have changed so much. The past few weeks while job searching, has confirmed that I am getting old. Or I’m already old and it’s time to change.

I am so ‘old school’ that this new process is daunting to me. I am open to new things but this process is time consuming and there’s no reassurance that the process even works.

Here are a few things I have encountered in the past few weeks while searching for a job.

The process of sending your resume to the company online is fantastic. It’s quick and easy. No fuss at all. I like this step. I don’t have to make a zillion copies of my resume.

The downside is, there’s no follow up. I can’t call the company or drop by the office to check on my resume. I miss that one on one conversation with a real person. I miss the opportunity to bug someone so much that they give me a chance, just to shut me up. I have to wait on them. And most of you know I am not a patient waiter. I like taking action.

You can’t just use one job search website. You have to use 6,000. This gets confusing. Keeping track of the website, your username and password is bad enough. Now you have to track the company you applied for and the position. This is overwhelming.

Once you sign up for one website 500 more have your e-mail and now your in-box is full every day with new sites to look at and the sites that send you updates on jobs. Researching the jobs from the updates take a lot of time. Now I have to sort the good sites from the bad, is time consuming. I don’t have time for all of that…I am looking for a job!

Now if all those sites would just pay me every time I open their e-mail and evaluate it, give feedback and inform them if I like their site or not. Then that will be my full time job, because it can take me 6-8 hours out of my day just to sort, read, accept or decline the site. Now that’s a job I can do with gusto. Someone please pay me to do this job. I would be brutally honest and I would love to help make this process easier. The older folks (like myself) enjoy simplicity with a purpose and the younger people will learn what it’s like not be so complicated all the time.

Sorry, got off track for a minute.

When you finally find a site or 50 that you like, you start selecting the jobs you want and submit those resumes. That part is great. I get a sense of accomplishment and hope that a company sends me an e-mail for the next process. I have the opportunity to apply to 20 or more jobs a day if I want.

The sad part is, when you apply for a job online, half the sites don’t offer the company’s name or location you are applying for, just the position that is open and the city and state. That just isn’t cool. I need to know who you are, so I can research your company to help me in the interview process or even decide if I want to apply. I also need to know how far away you are, and will I have to move if I get the job. Don’t give me just the city where the company is located, I need an address. CRAZY!!!!!

Some of these sites are great. They give you daily updates, inform you that your resume was sent and received and sometimes let you know what the next step will be when/if the company contacts you. Love those sites but still so much to keep track of.

I have to remind myself that I am not getting any younger and the world around me is changing or has already changed. It’s up to me to jump over the hurdles. Pull my boot straps up and dig in, as my Mom would say. I need to be grateful that I know how to do all these changes. Acknowledge that I am capable of doing anything I set my mind to.

I guess it comes down to this:  I am getting old and I NEED to adapt to the new style of job searching. “I will get through this and find the right job”.  I think this will be my mantra for a while.


Adventure: De-stressing In A State Park

Kiser Lake 6    Kiser Lake 7

As you are beginning to see, I love a country drive. There is always something new to see and photograph. I jumped in my car on a crisp almost autumn day.  I ended up at a spot I hadn’t been to in 20 years. Someplace I had almost forgotten about. It’s a small state park called: Kiser Lake State Park.

Kiser Lake 1I had forgotten how beautiful this spot was. You drive down a country road filled with farms, fields and hills. The drive itself is pretty.  There is a turn in the road, you have entered the park. The scenery is morphed into a spectacular view with trees, hills and a peek of the lake. It’s almost like you turned and entered another state.

I think the trees are my favorite part of the park. Everywhere you look there are trees. Trees that line the road, trees that surround the lake and trees for the trails to hike. There are 531 acres of rolling hills and wetlands.Kiser lake 8

It’s a beautiful, peaceful place to camp out for the weekend or have a picnic. Also a beautiful place to go hiking. They have 5 trails you can choose from.

The leaves on the trees are beginning to change colors already. I can’t wait for the next few weeks when all the leaves change. I will be returning to take more photos.Kiser Lake 2

The lake is beautiful, surrounded by lush trees. The lake is 396 acres and can be seen from almost every spot of the park.

You can enjoy the lake by taking your boat out (non-motor only) to go fishing or take your kayak out to get some exercise.

The lake offers great fishing from its 5 piers or the banks. You can catch Bass, bluegill, crappie and catfish.Kiser lake 3

As I walked around the park taking photos, I enjoyed the peacefulness. I could only hear the water, a few frogs, some crickets and the trees blowing in the wind. There was no city noise at all. Just nature at its best. I love the sounds of nature. When the trees are blowing in the wind, it’s almost like the trees are in a band making their own music.Kiser Lake 4

This may be a small state park but it offers so much. I forgot there was camping sites that have picnic tables and a grill for you to enjoy. There are over 100 spots to choose from. Some are on the water and others are nestled in the trees. You can bring your camper or put up a tent. Sleep under the stars if you want to.Kiser Lake 5

It’s so relaxing at Kiser Lake. I began to feel the stress being removed just by walking around or setting on a picnic table enjoying the water and sounds.. 

I enjoyed my visit to the park. I wasn’t at the top of my game that day. By the time I left, I was feeling better. I realized I was stressing over some things. Kiser Lake State Park helped me to relax and reminded me that I need to enjoy the simple things that nature provides for us.

I know I will be returning in the near future to take more pictures and just relax and find the calmness in the world.

If you’re in Ohio and need a spot to relax, I recommend Kiser Lake State Park.

Check out the website to plan your visit.

Tell me where you like to go to unwind or decompress and why.


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Music Monday: Iron Horse



Happy Monday!!! Let’s start the week off with some bluegrass. Here’s a familiar song originally by the Marshall Tucker Band. These guys are pretty good. I like how they turn modern rock songs into a bluegrass tune. Take a listen.

Have a wonderful Monday and try to smile at the little things.

Iron Horse: Fire on the Mountain           

Marshall Tucker Band: Fire on the Mountain:


And So The Job Search Begins……Doubts

finding a jobWell, the time has come. I have to start looking for a real job. I have been hiatus for over a year and my money is running out. I have enjoyed my time off. I have gotten to explore myself a little more. Started blogging, wrote two small books and started back with my photography. I have organized my house, went on a vacation, visited family and relaxed. I am not looking forward to the job search. It’s been over 14 years since I had to apply for a job.

I have so many doubts about my skills. I am terrified since I do not have a college degree or any higher education. I am scared no one will hire me because of my weight.  Don’t get me wrong, I know I have some great work skills but the doubt comes in because I may not have the right skills that are needed in today’s world.

I really don’t know what I want from my career at this time. I have questions:  Do I want to work in the same field (customer service) or do I want to try and venture out of that comfort zone? Do I want to relocate? If so, where do I want to go?

I do enjoy customer service (I’m good at it) as long as I am really helping a person. I enjoyed my last job helping people with their medications and insurance. I made a difference to many people. I liked that tremendously. What I didn’t like was the company I worked for they forgot that we worked for people, real people that were searching for help. The company looked at the customers as a number and the bottom line.  The company got lost in sales and profit, they forgot about their own mission statement.

I don’t want to do meaningless sales, or a dead end job. I want to help others. I want to grow as a person in my job. I want to make a difference. It can be a small difference but I still would like to have that impact. How can I do this and make a living? (Seriously. Any suggestions?)

I have started putting in my resumes to several companies this past week. Now there’s something new to me. Applying online, that is something very simple and easy but still foreign territory for me.

I am used to going to each company, speaking to the HR (human resources) personnel and then calling every week to check on the resume/application. There’s a whole new process involved now and it’s all online. What a huge difference 14 years can make.

Making a new resume was difficult too. The style of the resume is different, the wording is different, and the format is different. It’s all new to me. You now have to have key’ words that help you stand out. You have to be unique but not so unique that you are not taken seriously. Did you know that you only have between 15-30 seconds to impress someone with your resume?  Did you know that if you don’t have those ‘key’ words they will dismiss your resume?  So much pressure to do the resume right.

It’s a new work world. I have doubts whether there is a place for me in it.

I would love to blog, take photos and write for a living but I know I am not a professional at any of these things. (((SIGH!)))

Here I am searching for what I want in a career. I am still searching within myself on what I want out of life and for my life. Searching myself if I want to relocate for a job.  Searching for joy in a job. Searching for a job that will add to my happiness.  So much searching to be done, all the while doubting my abilities.

Here I am asking for help. Here I am leaving my comfort zone. Here I am trying to stay motivated. Here I am trying to add to my happiness and self-worth.  I may have to re-read my own blogs just to get through this (insert big belly laugh).

The best part is, in my heart I know everything will work out in the end. I WILL find the right job, I WILL be in the right location and I know I will still be blogging and taking photos.

It’s the journey that gets ya……and so the journey begins.


Music Monday: Juzzie Smith

Juzzie Smith is a one man band from Australia. He does it all. Take a listen to brighten your day.

Juzzie Smith:  Do Right

Check out his website . He has a few CD’s.

Have a great Monday. Find the simple things that make you smile.


Country Adventure: Site Seeing With Cousins

We had some family come from out of state for the family reunion. My cousin and his wife (I will refer to them as G for my cousin and T for his wife) came from Texas. She had never been to Ohio, let alone this little part that I live in.

While talking with T and G at the reunion, I was telling T about all the farms we have, a covered bridge and a reservoir all within a 20 minute drive from the reunion site.  She seemed so interested in all of this that I invited them to do some country site seeing the next day.

This is our little adventure:

G and T were staying at my sister’s house, which is out in the country and is beautiful. I drove to my sister’s house and they are ready to go. We load up in my car and headed to town because I needed some gas for the drive. They were so gracious and paid for my gas.  There’s some of that southern hospitality. We grabbed a couple drinks and were on our way.

The first stop was the covered bridge. T was so excited, she had never seen one before. On the drive to the bridge there were lot of corn and soy bean fields.  The corn was standing over 6 feet tall and the beans about waist high. All fully grown and green for miles. G was telling her that she will always see on one side of the road there will be corn and the other side will be beans. I’m not sure why this is, but it’s how things are done in Ohio.

As we round the corner there sets this red covered bridge. I swear I heard a gasp come for T’s mouth. I couldn’t stop the car fast enough for her to get out and explore. She grabbed her phone and camera and started taking pictures within a few feet of the car. She was snapping pictures before I got out of the car.  I should also let you know that T is a photographer. (A great photographer too). We spent about 40 minutes just taking pictures and exploring the covered bridge and its surroundings.

Covered Bridge

Covered Bridge 

Covered Bridge

Covered Bridge







The next stop was Ohio Caverns. Ohio Caverns is a popular tourist attraction. I had to drive through my home town in order to get to Ohio Caverns. T took more photos of barns, fields and whatever caught her attention along the way.

Just outside the city limits is a John Deere dealership. It’s where our local farmers can buy a new tractors and such. T had not seen anything like this. All the new tractors lined up and shiny. I stopped and we took some pictures.

John Deere Combines

John Deere Combines

The drive to the caverns is beautiful. All farm land, hills and trees for miles. The cavern sets on a large hill and overlooks the farms and trees. The caverns offer a large shelter house to hold family functions or just a picnic.

The land the caverns sets on has over 50 different types of trees. Which you can take a tour of. Many different flowers and rocks that have fossils in them to explore. Just beautiful.

We didn’t do the tour of the caverns but did wander the grounds for a while.  We went into the gift shop to look around. G and T decided to get some souvenirs for the grandkids.

If you’re ever in Ohio, you need to visit Ohio Caverns. It’s open year around and is just breath taking in the fall when the leaves change.

Ohio Caverns: flowers and rocks

Ohio Caverns: lowers and rocks

OC Sign

OC Sign

Ohio Caverns

Ohio Caverns






On our way to the reservoir. I showed T a barn quilt. This is a barn or business that has a patchwork art on the barn/building. These patches are painted, they can be on wood or metal. The patchwork is to embrace what the farm or business is about. These may look like your everyday quilt patch or they are designed by the owner and placed on the building.

There are over 80 barn quilts in my county alone and there is a tour too.

She found many more of the barn quilts when they visited Berlin Ohio (Holmes County).

Barn Quilt

Barn Quilt

We arrived at the reservoir, called Buck Creek Reservoir. It’s a large body of water that has camp grounds, cabin rentals, fishing, a beach and a marina.

We stopped at the marina to take some pictures of the water and boats. To my surprise I see T taking pictures of the wild flowers and weeds growing near the water. I asked her…with all this water and tress, why are you taking pictures of weeds? Her response was “we don’t have things like this growing in Texas.”

We drove around the reservoir, stopped a few times and visited the beach. Then headed back to my sister’s home, stopping a few more times along the way to take pictures of more barn quilts and a couple of old churches.

Buck Creek

Buck Creek

Buck Creek

Buck Creek

Bird at Buck Creek

Bird at Buck Creek

We spent about 5 hours just driving around and visiting a few locations. I had great time showing them some things they had not seen before. I can’t wait for them to come back, I have more ideas for the next adventure.

I have to say, on my drive back home I had a grin on my face. I also realized I have taken my little state for granted. All those wild flowers that grow along the side of the rode, beside the corn/bean fields are unique and special.

Seeing red barns everywhere is also special, not all states have red barns. Especially ones that have a barn quilt on them.

Watching someone discover something new is exciting. Thank you G and T for helping me remember why the state of Ohio is so special to me.

Tell me what is special about your home state.