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Photo Update

IMG_1174I have added over 30 new photos to:

Fine Art America website:

Come check it out. Lots of photos for autumn. Just taken this past week.  Some of these photos would make great trick-or-treat bags for the kids or a wonderful card.


Country Adventure: Site Seeing With Cousins

We had some family come from out of state for the family reunion. My cousin and his wife (I will refer to them as G for my cousin and T for his wife) came from Texas. She had never been to Ohio, let alone this little part that I live in.

While talking with T and G at the reunion, I was telling T about all the farms we have, a covered bridge and a reservoir all within a 20 minute drive from the reunion site.  She seemed so interested in all of this that I invited them to do some country site seeing the next day.

This is our little adventure:

G and T were staying at my sister’s house, which is out in the country and is beautiful. I drove to my sister’s house and they are ready to go. We load up in my car and headed to town because I needed some gas for the drive. They were so gracious and paid for my gas.  There’s some of that southern hospitality. We grabbed a couple drinks and were on our way.

The first stop was the covered bridge. T was so excited, she had never seen one before. On the drive to the bridge there were lot of corn and soy bean fields.  The corn was standing over 6 feet tall and the beans about waist high. All fully grown and green for miles. G was telling her that she will always see on one side of the road there will be corn and the other side will be beans. I’m not sure why this is, but it’s how things are done in Ohio.

As we round the corner there sets this red covered bridge. I swear I heard a gasp come for T’s mouth. I couldn’t stop the car fast enough for her to get out and explore. She grabbed her phone and camera and started taking pictures within a few feet of the car. She was snapping pictures before I got out of the car.  I should also let you know that T is a photographer. (A great photographer too). We spent about 40 minutes just taking pictures and exploring the covered bridge and its surroundings.

Covered Bridge

Covered Bridge 

Covered Bridge

Covered Bridge







The next stop was Ohio Caverns. Ohio Caverns is a popular tourist attraction. I had to drive through my home town in order to get to Ohio Caverns. T took more photos of barns, fields and whatever caught her attention along the way.

Just outside the city limits is a John Deere dealership. It’s where our local farmers can buy a new tractors and such. T had not seen anything like this. All the new tractors lined up and shiny. I stopped and we took some pictures.

John Deere Combines

John Deere Combines

The drive to the caverns is beautiful. All farm land, hills and trees for miles. The cavern sets on a large hill and overlooks the farms and trees. The caverns offer a large shelter house to hold family functions or just a picnic.

The land the caverns sets on has over 50 different types of trees. Which you can take a tour of. Many different flowers and rocks that have fossils in them to explore. Just beautiful.

We didn’t do the tour of the caverns but did wander the grounds for a while.  We went into the gift shop to look around. G and T decided to get some souvenirs for the grandkids.

If you’re ever in Ohio, you need to visit Ohio Caverns. It’s open year around and is just breath taking in the fall when the leaves change.

Ohio Caverns: flowers and rocks

Ohio Caverns: lowers and rocks

OC Sign

OC Sign

Ohio Caverns

Ohio Caverns






On our way to the reservoir. I showed T a barn quilt. This is a barn or business that has a patchwork art on the barn/building. These patches are painted, they can be on wood or metal. The patchwork is to embrace what the farm or business is about. These may look like your everyday quilt patch or they are designed by the owner and placed on the building.

There are over 80 barn quilts in my county alone and there is a tour too.

She found many more of the barn quilts when they visited Berlin Ohio (Holmes County).

Barn Quilt

Barn Quilt

We arrived at the reservoir, called Buck Creek Reservoir. It’s a large body of water that has camp grounds, cabin rentals, fishing, a beach and a marina.

We stopped at the marina to take some pictures of the water and boats. To my surprise I see T taking pictures of the wild flowers and weeds growing near the water. I asked her…with all this water and tress, why are you taking pictures of weeds? Her response was “we don’t have things like this growing in Texas.”

We drove around the reservoir, stopped a few times and visited the beach. Then headed back to my sister’s home, stopping a few more times along the way to take pictures of more barn quilts and a couple of old churches.

Buck Creek

Buck Creek

Buck Creek

Buck Creek

Bird at Buck Creek

Bird at Buck Creek

We spent about 5 hours just driving around and visiting a few locations. I had great time showing them some things they had not seen before. I can’t wait for them to come back, I have more ideas for the next adventure.

I have to say, on my drive back home I had a grin on my face. I also realized I have taken my little state for granted. All those wild flowers that grow along the side of the rode, beside the corn/bean fields are unique and special.

Seeing red barns everywhere is also special, not all states have red barns. Especially ones that have a barn quilt on them.

Watching someone discover something new is exciting. Thank you G and T for helping me remember why the state of Ohio is so special to me.

Tell me what is special about your home state.


6 Month Anniversary

6 month AnnivIt has been six months since I started blogging. I have enjoyed writing and coming up with things to share. It can be a struggle for me at times, I do enjoy the challenge blogging offers me.

Blogging is taking me out of my comfort zone. I am an introvert and sharing my world comes easy for the ones in my circle but to let the world in….well, that’s a new area for me. I appreciate all the great, supporting comments I have received. You, my friends, make it easier for me. It warms my heart knowing I have a new group of e-friends out there supporting me. You all are amazing.

Because of you, I have over 2,300 views, and almost 300 followers. I know this doesn’t sound like much in the blogging world, to me, it’s fantastic. I am so grateful for every person that is supporting my journey.

I really didn’t think anyone would read my blog. When I started I had one idea in mind that idea was to try and help my readers have a simpler life. Now that idea is growing into several ideas. Now I want to share my world with my photos, music and blogs. I still want to help you make things easier, but I also want to remind us all that we can still find happiness and peace in the mist of all our struggles. This is because of the support you have shown me these past 6 months.

Thank you for helping me gain some ideas and helping me develop what I/you want out of the blog.

I hope in the future, that while I am growing as a person and growing with the blog that I meet the standards you are looking for.Thank you

Thank you so much for showing your love, kindness, comments, and support. I would not have made it this far without you.

I would love to hear your suggestions or ideas. Please leave your ideas in the comments or e-mail at:

If you want to check out other things I have going on please click on the links below.



FAA (photos):

Deviant Art (photos):


Please share with your friends to help grow my blog. Thanks

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Update On Photos

Good afternoon friends,

I want to let you know that I have added more photos to my hosting sites.

Just click on the “photos” tab at the top of the page. In The “Photos” Tab you can click on either site that hosts my photos and you will be taken directly to my profile page.

If you are wanting to donate to help me purchase a new camera, just click on the GoFundMe link.

Thanks for all your support and have a fantastic Friday.


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Photo Update

Walnut Tree

Walnut Tree

I have added 30 or more photos to Fine Art America website. I hope you will take a look at my work.  Click the “Photo” tab at the top of the page to view my gallery.

I have entered a few photo contests. They are not for money or awards, just for fun.
I am  trying to use the contests to market my photos and myself.  I am trying to get my name out there a little bit and leaving my comfort zone. Its’ scary putting your product/brand out there for the world to judge.

Take a  look at the contests I have entered. You may have to sign up for Fine Art America to vote. There is no obligation to purchase anything. Please help a girl out.

This is the first contest:

The other contests do not start the voting till tomorrow. You can check them out under my profile page on Fine Art America website, listed as “Contest” then participating contests.

Thanks for your help. Thanks for supporting me and reading the blog. You all are fantastic.

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Photo Promo

For the next 5 days I am having a promo on one of my photos. You can order a 16 x 20 stretched canvas print at a special price.

This is a limited offer. I only have five (5) that are available.

Get yours today before they are all gone.

Click the link below and you will  be taken directly to the  offer.

Thanks for taking a look. Have a wonderful weekend.


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More Photos

I want to let you know that I have added more photos. Just click the ‘Photos” tab at the top of the page and then click the link for Fine Art America and it will take  you right to my selling page.

I hope you enjoy the new photos. Keep coming back I am trying to load 10 new photos a week.

Have a great day and be sure to come back on Saturday for a new post.