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11 Trick or Treat Safety Tips


Autumn is here and it’s time for Halloween. It’s time to carve the pumpkins. Time to buy or make the costumes.  Time to buy and test the candy and then buy more because we ate the first bag and time for some safety tips.

  1. Clear and light pathways to your front door. This will help the wee ones make it safely to their treats. You don’t want Superman getting hurt. Children are excited to show off their costumes and anxious to get candy. They don’t pay attention when they are walking/running to your door, so let’s make that part safe for them.
  2. Costumes: Make sure the costume isn’t too long. This can cause trips and falls. The costume can get caught on bushes/shrubs or be stepped on by others. Make sure the costume is bathroom friendly.                                                               If your child is wearing a mask, please be sure they can see and breathe clearly. If they are wearing make-up or face paint, check to see if it’s hypo-allergenic. You don’t want your child getting a rash from the paint.
  3. Shoes: I know those princess shoes that come with the gown are adorable, but those shoes may not be the best option for walking. They can wear those shoes for the party. You and your child should wear comfortable/durable shoes. You will be on your feet for a good 2 hours and you don’t want your little princess to miss out because her feet hurt.
  4. Carry a flashlight or glow-stick. Put some reflective tape on your child’s costume, this way drivers can see your child walking around.
  5. Plan your route. If you are taking your kids out, have a route you have already scanned for construction, broken sidewalks or any other obstacles.                                                                              If you have older children that will be on their own, help plan their route and walk it with them a day or two early so they know where they are going and you will have an idea where they are at when they venture out.
  6. Follow the curfew rule if you have one for your area. This helps the residents know when trick or treaters may be knocking at their door. It also helps the drivers in your town to drive more cautiously.
  7. No shortcuts: No cutting through alleyways, fields, yards and driveways. These areas may not be lit well and can cause a trip hazard.  You never know what ghoul or goblin awaits you in a dark alley. It’s just smart to avoid these things.
  8. Chaperons: The young children should always be with an adult. The older ones should be in a group.
  9. No candy eating till the kids get home. Inform your children not to eat any candy while out. You want to inspect their bounty before they consume and you want to pick the best pieces out for yourself.
  10. Do Not Enter:  Inform your children to never enter a person’s home or car and why. Do not trick or treat at someone’s home that is not lit up or the front porch light is not on. If the light is not on that resident doesn’t have any candy and does not want to be bothered.
  11. Always stay with the group: Remind your ghosts to stay close and not to wander off.

Have a safe and happy Halloween. If you have any other safety tips, please share them in the comments.

Photo by Mother of Necessity

Photo by Mother of Necessity

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