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My Journey: Job Searching-Waiting

waitingI am not a patient person. This past year I have been working on this issue but it seems the harder I try to be patient the more stress I go through. I guess I’m going about this wrong.

This journey for the past couple of months has taken its toll on me with all the waiting I have done.

Waiting on myself to be prepared to look for a job.

Waiting on a great website to start my job search.

Waiting on the mail to send my resumes.

Waiting on someone to get back with me to tell me I have been declined for the position.

Waiting on the results of an assessment that took 2 hours to complete.

Waiting on e-mails to tell me I have a phone interview.

Waiting for those calls to come in.

Waiting on the next call or e-mail to invite me for an interview.

Waiting in the lobby for that interview.

Waiting for the next phone call or e-mail to share some good news. (I hope)

Waiting on myself not go insane with all this waiting.

Waiting to start a new job.

You would think that I would be an expert by now from all the waiting. I’m not. I’m more anxious than ever.

I think I’m ready for a new start, new opportunities, and new work life. I have enjoyed my time off from work and have learned so much about myself, but money is in the driver’s seat right now.

My journey right now is once again learning to be patient and wait for things to come. I just hope I am not in a rubber room, rocking back and forth before I get that call saying, ”Congratulations, you are now a new employee at XYZ Company”.  Time will tell.

I know this journey that I am on is teaching more lessons than I thought and that well and good. We all can always use more education. I am failing in this class called “Waiting”. It is kicking my butt.

I know the rules and have read the syllabus. I have practiced my skills every day and yet here I sit waiting on the next thing and it’s driving me crazy.
I am a work in progress and hopefully by the end of this journey I will be more patient than when I started.